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How to get silky hair?

Question by Jana: How to get silky hair? Kirsten Stewart usually has this sort of beautiful gentle searching hair and I adore the way it seems to be when its just around her shoulders and also ariana grande. Her long hair type of just clings to her arms and I adore it so significantly. Is their any product I can purchase for my hair to just appear comfortable and silky. Ideal solution: Reply by Erinpercy reed truly rather its like the greatest follow the guidelines and voila!!! gentle silky hair x Include your personal response in the remarks!

What natural hair item can i make at house to make my hair silky smooth?

Issue by nadeen: What normal hair merchandise can i make at home to make my hair silky clean? my hair is kinda wavy and fluffy and i never like it fluffy i want some thing to make it smooth and considerably less wavy but i never like straighting my hair alot Ideal reply: Solution by NoorCombination of Egg yolk, olive/castor oil and lemon juice((( indeed kinda like mayo) ..use it for about 30’ll get immediate end result.. Add your personal answer in the feedback!

How can I get silky hair with out detrimental my hair?

Issue by ZerpDerp: How can I get silky hair with out damaging my hair? Hi, so I’m a guy and I think my hair is sort of thick and I have developed sick of it. I want to have straight silky hair, is there a way to get that much more naturally without a straightener? Are there any recommended hair goods? If I go to a hair salon or anything will they inform me what I can do also? Greatest solution: Answer by chilekindeed they will but going to a skin dr is greater than heading to a elegance salon! Give your solution to this question underneath!

How to expand long and silky hair?

Concern by Denielle Ronstera: How to grow prolonged and silky hair? My hair is Ruined!!!!!!!! Its variety of lengthy but I require to cut it owing to break up finishes. How can I restate and expand it prolonged and silky? Ideal solution: Solution by AVcsteer clear of heat equipment and hair dye/bleaching, use a moisturziign condish and depart it in overnight bout as soon as a 7 days Incorporate your very own solution in the comments!

How can i make my hair develop lengthier quicker and get it silky, shiney and gentle?

Query by Jaylene Botero: How can i make my hair grow lengthier quicker and get it silky, shiney and delicate? My hair is up to my again and its wavy and extremely thick but i want it back again to the way it employed to be ahead of i had it lower (it was up to my butt). I dont have split ends, i dont straighten, blowdry or curl my hair. Also, how do i get it a lot more gentle, silky, and shiney?? Thanks in progress :o) Ideal answer: Response by KenziePreserve carrying out what you’re carrying out, and have your stylist slender it out a bit. The excess weight of your hair when it was extended was weighing the curls down. Don’t clean your hair every working day, and rinse your hair in cold water. Like, as chilly as you can stand. What do you consider? Solution underneath!