In the previous 2 months I have dropped over forty% of my hair since of a gentle sort of alopecia…?

Question by PANDABEAR: In the last 2 months I have lost over 40% of my hair because of a mild form of alopecia…?
has anyone else ever has this happen? Is there anything I can do to prevent my hair falling out? How long does this last?

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Answer by stowchick01
I’m assuming you’ve seen a doctor about this. I wish I could answer your question…I’d say the best thing to do now is just wait it out. If you’re uncomfortable with it try contacting Locks of Love (not sure if they just work with cancer patients). Try looking up info. from They may be able to give some kind of idea. Good luck.

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since the age of fifteen with hair reduction?

Question by Jorge: since the age of 15 with hair loss?
I have been losing my hair on my scalp and started to grow excessive thick hair on my shoulders. I am now 17 and almost bald, and people have told me of how disgusting my shoulder hair is. is there a connection? a way to treat it? Im only 17 and i am tired of ridicule that i go through every day. I need some help, thank you.

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Answer by SC
go to a hair salon and ask for recommendations

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Would a girl not date me since I have alopecia?

Question by Joe: Would a female not date me since I have alopecia?
Okay, so for people that never know what it, it is hair decline. I’ve had it considering that age four clearly it was seemed at as bizarre until finally I went into higher university and now onto the real entire world. Everybody just assumes I shave my head and will not know or much less I tell them. The reason I can be insecure about this is since I can not develop a beard. I do have eye lashes and eye brows though the eye brows are light-weight and sometimes don’t arrive off truly on digicam. I guess I kinda seem like a young Steve Wilkos but without having the oranage tan. I have no body hair but some women have instructed me they adore that. I nonetheless do not know though, I have only ever experienced one girlfriend which is why I guess I can be insecure about it.

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Reply by myportraitdrawing
A male with alopecia could be desirable, the issue is are YOU eye-catching, even with hair reduction? And if not, how can you increase your seems to be or character so you are a lot more attractive.

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Is my hair slipping out since of anxiety?

Issue by Crystal: Is my hair falling out since of tension?
Im married with a one particular year old son. I go to college and I actually feel is obtaining to me. Is it attainable that pressure could be causing my hair to tumble out in enormous amounts. Its truly scaring me. I really dont want be a bald 22 yr outdated. Any suggestions make sure you!

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Answer by arthur s
Nervousness is a cause of Alopecia. You need to de-stress so get a medical viewpoint on this as there is assist out there. Do not enable this keep on as you could undergo overall Alopecia and other pressure associated difficulties.

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How extended does my hair have to be prior to I can donate some to individuals who want wigs since of cancer hair-loss?

Issue by Ambiguous-Kat: How prolonged does my hair have to be before I can donate some to men and women who require wigs simply because of cancer hair-decline?
Absolutely everyone has advised me I have genuinely great hair and should donate some to made into a wig for someone who has most cancers and I truly want to do it since my grandmother died of most cancers 2 several years in the past. Even so, I do not know how significantly prolonged my hair demands to be before I donate some.My hair is curly-ish and stops appropriate earlier mentioned my elbow. If I cut appropriate previously mentioned shoulder duration would this be enough?
thanks =)

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Reply by dymond
2inches is ample to donate.I have 2 inches cut off every 12 months and it goes to charity.

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