why i am going through an intense hair loss in age of sixteen?

Issue by opsie_dopsie: why i’m dealing with an intense hair loss in age of sixteen?
i am only sixteen but lately i have an severe hair decline and my hunger was like Crazy! S.O.S support me

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Response by ashley
usually the hair decline is cuz of pressure or if you are dying it way too significantly or if you dont reduce it ample, the foods could be cuz of tension too

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Hair Decline at age sixteen?

Issue by Xxunkn0wnxX: Hair Reduction at age sixteen?
In june of this 12 months i misplaced a patch of hair about the dimension of a quarter in the back of my head. The doctor informed me i experienced alopecia areata. Lately i have begun to “shed?” alot of hair in other components of the head, and i have seen that my scalp is much more noticeable in a tiny element of my head.

btw i have thick hair

Cant it be androgenic alopecia?
Vitamin b defficiency?
everything rare?

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Reply by Jay S
Indeed, it could be androgenic alopecia. The two varieties of alopecia are manufactured noticeably worse by fatty diet programs, in accordance to new research on why Asian males do not go bald as usually as guys who eat Western diets. Saturated excess fat is the even worse, hamburgers, butter, french fries, fried hen, and so forth.

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Is sixteen as well young to get a meaningful tattoo?

Concern by Katelyn: Is 16 way too younger to get a meaningful tattoo?
Is 16 as well youthful to get a significant tattoo? My mom stated that I’m permitted to get this tattoo when I’m 16 and she’ll even pay for it. I will be a sophomore in HS. It’s of the NAAF tree. My sister has Alopecia a autoimmune disease. She has and usually will have it her whole existence. She is seventeen and has a tattoo of it on her ankle. I would get it on my still left shoulder/again. My older brother and other sister want it as properly. It’s one thing that I would in no way regret but am I as well youthful? If you saw a 16 yr outdated with a tattoo what would you believe?.

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Solution by Emily Ng
Not genuinely

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sixteen 12 months old male with alopecia areata needs assist?

Problem by baz: sixteen 12 months previous male with alopecia areata needs help?
I’ve just been diagnosed with it today and began to use a cream for the only little bald patch which is very unrecognisable to everyone but is nonetheless there. How lengthy will it get to treatment this situation and the patches? What else ought to I do to resist it as a lot as attainable?

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Reply by Emma
Some prescription drugs employed are minoxidil, elocon ointment (steroid cream) irritants (anthralin or topical coal tar), and topical immunotherapy cyclosporine, at times in various mixtures. If the area begins to get flaky, DO NOT pick at it. It will make your scalp burn. Put lotion on the location way too.

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Question by haili l: Can you inform me the greatest hair decline goods?
The very best hair reduction products,i want know,be sure to inform me.

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Reply by lovell
There is not any. Significantly, they dont perform.

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