slender eyebrows from alopecia, any way to make them entire yet again?

Concern by lissa_marye: thin eyebrows from alopecia, any way to make them entire once more?
10 years in the past i acquired a skin situation referred to as Alopecia Areata, i misplaced patches of hair on my head, arms, eyelashes and eyebrows, my eyebrows and eyelashes totally went away, my eyelashes are finally expanding again (actually limited but theyre back)

however, my eyebrows are actually thin, not dark like they employed to be, and really extremely sparse

is there any way to make them expand fuller and thicker (i know thats the reverse of what most women want these days)

help me, ive had to draw in my eyebrows for ten many years and i just want real ones
i had them tattoed two many years in the past, they have pale and i wont get them done yet again, the total knowledge manufactured me unwell

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Solution by cutemarv
not actually sorry

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Aid with my incredibly slender hair?

Query by heathernw18: Assist with my incredibly slim hair?
I have usually experienced genuinely slender hair. It by no means employed to bother me until finally very last 12 months. It began falling out and inside five months the top of my head was so slender I seemed bald. I had a handful of spots on the back of my head that seem negative as well. I went to the skin doctor and has all kinds of exams carried out. She informed me that I have alopecia and I could possibly get steroid shots or use Rogaine. So I started out the Rogaine. My hair is increasing back again which I am Quite grateful for. But it is even now super skinny. Its so poor that I can actually wrap a standard pony tail around my hair about seven instances. Anyways.. On best of that my hair damages genuinely effortless. It is tremendous blonde naturally and even being in sunlight damages it really undesirable. I problem and use sulfate free shampoos. I’ve carried out remedies on it. I have paid individuals to do remedies on it. I employed to wear wigs when the hair was expanding back again and I actually preferred the 1 I experienced. But it ended up costing also a lot. I compensated $ 300 for clip in hair extensions. The lady at wig location I went to advised me that I did have adequate hair to use them. Had to just take them again simply because the hair was so heavy it damage to dress in them. Furthermore in some spots you could see the clips. I have also experimented with that sprinkle fiber things and it just appears awful. Soooo I feel like I’m out of alternatives and just need to learn to offer with it lol. I just wanted to see if anybody else has any concepts before I just give up lol.

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Solution by scarlett.amo
attempt people volumizing shampoos or tease your hair all above,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=27478d1067ca6fa2&biw=1680&bih=776

hope this helps 🙂

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