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Does any individual know a all-natural substitute to spironolactone for pcos?

Concern by emily.renee: Does anyone know a all-natural option to spironolactone for pcos? I have elevated androgens, pimples, mild hair reduction, excessive physique hair. My bodyweight is best even though. I also have mild hypoglycemia because of to insulin concerns. I Detest Medicines. Has any person located an alternative to spiro? One particular of my holistic docs (the endocrinolist a single) is suggesting spiro and metformin. Sure, medication have vegetation in them. But they also have harmful man created ingredients. Very best solution: Reply by SkepDoc 2.Polycystic ovarys lead to all types of hormonal difficulties in ladies with the troubles you have explained. There is very excellent proof that the drugs you have pointed out assist. Both of them are risk-free and clinically proven. Your endocrinologist is surely the best one particular to advise you on remedy of this sophisticated difficulty. Proper diet regime, physical exercise and excess weight decline…

If spironolactone is utilized to treat hair loss then why did my doctor prescribe it to me?

Query by pdddd: If spironolactone is employed to take care of hair reduction then why did my doctor prescribe it to me? I have enhanced testosterone levels and have hair growth on my face (like on the sides, nothing at all in contrast to a guy expanding a beard) but clearly more hair than a lady must have. If spironolactone is employed for hair decline treatment, why would my physician prescribe it to aid cease the added hair development…? yes, i know inquire my physician but evidently at midnight i can’t call my doctor and question Very best solution: Reply by John de WittSpironolactone is a potassium-sparing diuretic occasionally utilised to treat hirsutism but not hair loss. Your doctor evidently isn’t going to do as very good a work as you at obtaining factors backwards. Include your own answer in the remarks!