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I have a small bald spot on my head and am i teen?

Issue by gmailhotmail42: I have a modest bald place on my head and am i teenager? I am a teenager and have a random modest bald spot on my head. i don’t know what its from. possibly from straightening my hair. are there any other opportunities as to what occurred. and whta need to i do to treatment it? Best answer: Answer by wizzardIf the spots are in the size of a quarter and has a clean surface. Check out the photos in the internet site below, if its comparable then it have to be Alopecia Areata. My bro managed to uncover a internet site called when he had the very same difficulty that clarifies about the problem and indicates remedy. He gave it a consider and to all our surprise he recovered. Its very useful. You may possibly want to give it a consider. Wish you a fast…

my son is 13 and he has a negative skin diseses,He has a big bald spot in the center of his scalp.He receives six pictures?

Question by Sue: my son is thirteen and he has a poor pores and skin diseses,He has a massive bald location in the middle of his scalp.He will get six photographs? into his scalp .Given that age five and its getting even worse. Pls any advice in this issue Very best answer: Answer by Tim WFungus perhaps? Add your own answer in the remarks!

Why do I have a bald spot on my head and what can be carried out about it?

Query by HeyTherePony: Why do I have a bald location on my head and what can be completed about it? When I was about six, I began acquiring a bald place on the side of my head. It was quite small, and my mom had them so she figured that they have been like hers and that the hair would just increase back. I’m 18 and the bald spot is nevertheless there, and it truly is considerably bigger. It is genuinely bothersome simply because i cannot ever dress in my hair up without having it showing, and it really is quite massive. I don’t forget receiving photographs in my head for it once but it did not support at all. I’m also lacking a chunk of eyelashes on one of my eyes way too, if that is associated at all. Anyways, what is this/why did I get it, and is…

I think my relaxer triggered my bald spot. Will my hair expand back again?!?

Concern by curious_lady: I feel my relaxer triggered my bald place. Will my hair develop back again?!? I’v comfortable my possess hair Routinely for at minimum ten many years and have in no way experienced any problems. However, this previous time, I finished up with a bald place a little larger than the measurement of a quarter. I’m not confident if the relaxer did it because 1) I am always quite careful and 2) it truly is only in one particular place in the front of my head. I usually make positive I implement to my hairline final and rinse out there first (and stick to all the other common precautions) so I am really puzzled. But essentially, what I’m attempting to find out is if this has at any time transpired to anyone and if the hair grew again. It really is been about a month and my bald…

what can i use for my bald spot???

Concern by prettybirdy: what can i use for my bald location??? ive had it because i was like 5 and now im 14 Greatest solution: Reply by hIQtieif its 1 place and it isn’t going to seem to be to be acquiring any greater than it could be a birth mark and there could not be anything at all you can do about it. The other probability is that it could be alopecia areata. This is doubtful however because this is generally triggered by tension and I dont know also several stressed out five yrs olds. If it ended up alopecia areata then a simple cortisone cream or shot will remedy the problem. The only way to know how to deal with it is to find out what the lead to of the bald place is and the very best place to get a analysis is at your physician or…

Female bald spot treatments?

Question by : Woman bald spot therapies? I am eighteen years old so I’m attempting to correct this ASAP! I employed to have thicker hair, but from dyeing and straightening its just alot thinner. The back leading of my head is virtually bald, just has a tiny piece of hair to protect it. The past yr I have not dyed it, and hardly use warmth on it at all but it nonetheless doesn’t develop back again. I’ve also took biotin but have gotten no promising results. I want to thicken my hair but a lot more importantly get rid of that awful bald location! Does any person have any suggestions for me? Very best reply: Reply by TaylerI will not know what you have seemed up on the web or what you are willing to pay, but right here is a site for hair loss treatment method in women:…

I have bald spot on the temples of my scalp, has anybody experienced this and mounted the issue?

Issue by miguel p: I have bald place on the temples of my scalp, has any person had this and set the problem? I experienced it for a long time. It’s not lacking natural vitamins simply because i drink them and eat good. A single issue I utilized to do restricted hairstyles and pony tails..but i dont consider it will completely do harm to the hair follicles..I had it about fourteen yrs old and now im 24. I depart it unfastened and dont tighten it so im not producing it worse..its not pretty at all. I barely do hairstyles since its that visible. if i pull my hair back you can see it. If the wind blows you can see it. Its so hideous and embarrasing. Any one particular experienced this difficulty like me and set it? a week ago i bought 2% minoxidil or how at any time you…

I have a bald spot on the best of my head what could it be?

Query by Abby: I have a bald location on the prime of my head what could it be? My mother claims I have had this when I was born. (I am a woman – 17 several years previous). No hair grows there. It is about as large as the flat element of my thumb. I keep in mind going to a medical doctor for it when I was in 4th quality. They gave a title for what it was but I don’t don’t forget. It is just the color of my pores and skin (white – or pink, I guess). It may possibly be a mole? There are two small bumps on it. They have been there for a even though. It will not damage or something, but I am just frightened. It really is not cancer is it? Many thanks for any info. I never go to the physician…

I have a bald spot in my hair and other small bald spots along with itching of the scalp?

Concern by Richie: I have a bald location in my hair and other minimal bald spots alongside with itching of the scalp? Hi there I am seventeen a long time outdated and just lately I located a bald location in my hair and a handful of slight bald spots nearby that show up to be obtaining even bigger and my hair also itches. I have study close to that It could be ringworm as it is widespread in black men and women or alopecia areata, but I was pondering if anybody could aid prior to I go to the medical professional since I don’t have healthcare. Also the bald place is not A round quarter sized circle as I read that is what alopecia areata looks like, aid make sure you!!! Greatest solution: Answer by meI have alopecia, so I realize how anxious you need to be. I am also…

Why do i have a bald spot?

Question by auner: Why do i have a bald spot? Considering that my very first pregnancy my hair began receiving thiner but experienced in no way had a bald location right up until now what does it mean? Greatest solution: Response by Melanie VThe most widespread cause of a bald place is alopecia areata. It is an autoimmune issue that targets hair follicles causing hair to fall out, typically in patches. If the region on the scalp is easy and entirely void of hair it may be alopecia areata. Vital oil scalp remedies aid regrow hair in the alopecia areata patches, but the most crucial thingis to preserve the immune program relaxed and well balanced. If it is not a smooth bald patch, it could be an additional variety of hair decline. Include your possess answer in the comments!

I have a tiny bald spot, can I regrow the hair?

Question by Michael G: I have a little bald place, can I regrow the hair? I am only 21, and lately noticed a tiny bald location in the again of my head, not sure how or why I received it. Is there some thing I can use to regrow my hair? it just seems to be like it fell off, no sign of rash, fungus, or scar. Greatest answer: Response by BosleyHello Michael, There are recognized therapies to regrow dropped hair such as medicines like Rogaine as effectively as hair transplant methods. It truly is challenging to give a organization recommendation in that we do not know what’s brought on your place and if it really is long term or temporary. One a lot more organic resolution to try out is implementing particular oils immediately to the scalp together with your typical shampoo and conditioner. There are a variety of…

I have a random bold spot on my head…?

Concern by nicole: I have a random daring place on my head…? My mother seen that I have a bold place on my head. She stated she seen it a few times back but just told me about it today. Im questioning how I acquired it. I go through it could be Alopecia Areata.. but I will not know. A pair of months back my cat experienced a bold location too, do you think they could be the identical? Very best answer: Solution by ajith tIf you are under 25 many years aged and you don’t have any early baldness in your family the bald place you have could not be true baldness. It can be a fungal bite or triggered by some germ assault. Shampoo your hair effectively and therapeutic massage your scalp with olive oil. Then comb it and allow the olive oil stay in your scalp. Therapeutic…

Does this nt spot pattern baldness treatment in fact function for alopecia? ?

Query by Paul D: Does this nt location pattern baldness treatment really work for alopecia? ? I’ve had a little (but growing) alopecia place now for about three months and want it long gone. I cannot do a research with no finding something from these individuals: It appears like it is based out of Europe or Asia or one thing and I truly feel like it would seem risky to invest $ 100 on. They declare benefits in three-4 months and have several testiments, but i was curious if this things is actually ligit and how well it genuinely functions? Best response: Reply by Mopar Muscle mass Galsee your Dermatologist to see if medically , pressure or hereditary associated prior to you spend any $ on OTC topical treatments Know much better? Leave your possess answer in the comments!

I have fairly of a bald spot? I am 13?

Question by Eric: I have considerably of a bald place? I’m 13? I don’t know if it really is Alopecia Areata or what, but this is weird. I seen hair has been slipping out… it truly is odd. I never damage it truly, I just will not know what’s likely on. I DO therapeutic massage my scalp really a bit, but I considered that aided? It truly is extra strange, simply because my stylist stated I have Very thick hair. But I have this one particular spot, it might be a natural component, but this is abnormal. Best reply: Solution by TwistedI have read of some people dropping their hair by twenty many years outdated, so you could be between the unlucky. If this continues, you should ask your dad and mom to get you to a medical doctor. What do you feel? Reply underneath!

Random bald spot in the back of my head?

Query by Julio: Random bald place in the back of my head? I am a 22 12 months outdated hipanic male and since november which was the very last time i obtained a haircut ive been encountering a random bald place which started small and now its gotten greater and there is minor little hairs in the spot but thats all i get they do not develop ive been to the hospital and got bloodtest and every little thing arrives out good i tought it was a ringworm but is not what can it be has any person experienced this prior to ? Ideal solution: Answer by bandit_sixtyprobably your going bald. some guys start there and comes towards the front. Include your very own response in the comments!

what is the ideal answer to covering a moderate sized balding spot on the back of the head?

Issue by shawn w: what is the best resolution to masking a average sized balding location on the again of the head? i have hairs there there just wonderful any choices Best response: Answer by jojomy bf has the identical issue. 🙂 try out likely to a salon and asking them for a haircut that will help reduce the “balding” appear. they are going to be capable to give you a hair style that is flattering, even with the good hairs. Know greater? Depart your own solution in the comments!