i need help on straightening my hair?

Query by Marissa T: i need assist on straightening my hair?
i utilised to have Alopecia areta, when your hair folicules atack themselvesand you drop your hair, and now it has grown out and it really is frizzy. I want it to be staight but i dont want to hurt it any a lot more than it is. Any recommendations on which flat-iron or spray works? I really want one thing that will get it straight.

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Solution by Kelly Smith
Your hair seems genuinely weak as it is. If you flatiron it, I would do it Very SPARINGLY. Also, you may want to deep problem. There is certainly a truly wonderful hair mask by Neutrogena referred to as “Triple Dampness Hair Masque”. It comes in an orange tub.
If you get a flatiron, make certain it truly is ceramic. Ceramic damages considerably less than other individuals.

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Suffering extreme hair reduction right after Japanese Hair Straightening?

Question by Purple: Struggling severe hair loss right after Japanese Hair Straightening?
I got my hair rebonded back in March and have dropped more than a third of it because then. Everytime I run my hands via my hair, I drop 7-ten strands on common!
In the shower I shed clumps following shampooing and conditioning.
Bald places are displaying up in my hair.
I utilized to have beautiful thick hair, ho can I get it again?

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Reply by Corn
Ok. Well, some men and women who’s hair are thinning use shampoos that are meant for horses. I am not kidding! Horse shampoos, i guess aid. But I heard it smells like crap…

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What are the pros and cons of hair straightening therapy?

Issue by Aaron: What are the pros and negatives of hair straightening therapy?
and does it result in hair decline?

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Solution by jessie
Professionals of Chemical Straightening:
Greater manageability. A relaxer works to “relax” the curl, which helps make the hair straighter and less complicated to detangle.
Far more overall flexibility. Much more possibilities for numerous sleek and straight hairstyles that are tough to keep with curlier, frizzier hair.

Downsides of Chemical Straightening:
Total servicing. To maintain the straight appear, you must touch-up any new hair growth anywhere from every single six weeks to a few months. If you decide on to get your hair comfortable professionally, this can turn into fairly costly.
Hair hurt. Relaxers irreversibly change the organic pH balance and chemical breakdown of your hair thereby weakening every strand. Hair breakage and scalp discomfort are very typical aspect outcomes from improper application and/or routine maintenance.
A lot more interest. Calm hair calls for sufficient conditioning and hydration.
More caution. Certain chemical reactions with specified chemical compounds (this kind of as hair dye and chlorine from swimming pools) can trigger a lot more damage to sensitive, chemically straightened hair.

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Can straightening or also a lot conditioning lead to hair reduction?

Question by Massive Al!: Can straightening or as well considerably conditioning lead to hair decline?

All right so I am 16 many years outdated and I’ve been straightening my hair for about a year now and this earlier thirty day period I’ve observed that I am losing a great deal of my hair. Particularly my bangs, which I straighten most frequently. But also in this earlier month I have been employing a lot significantly less shampoo when I shower and a TON of conditioner. I never know if that has nearly anything to do with it or not either. Can either of those items have to do with my hair loss. And what can I do to aid it?

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Solution by trees75094
It is possible. It can be also possible you have a healthcare problem. I am not a medical doctor, but hair loss can be triggered by plenty of things – pressure, thyroid circumstances, etc.

I’m no physician, but want you to see the medical professional to make confident it can be absolutely nothing health care. Then get to your hairdresser for a new hair style. Perhaps it really is time to give your hair a split, although you nonetheless have some remaining.

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Male seeking for hair straightening merchandise?

Issue by avillax: Male seeking for hair straightening merchandise?
I received curly hair and I want to straighten it or make it much less curly morel like wavy, and I am a person.

I also am balding norwood 1, So getting perm and using flat iron is a no no.

But what creams or shampoos or whatever could I use to make it wavier or straighter as an alternative fo curly?.

I go through about a product curlaway but I will not know how great it is, and if there is one thing far better. In addition to men with balding are not intended to mantain a clear scalp in buy to steer clear of hair decline.

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Answer by leonardo6667
i dont know i assume this so great its not inappropriate for me

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