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What takes place to chemically straightened hair right after six months?

Question by Ruby: What happens to chemically straightened hair after 6 months? I contemplating of obtaining my hair chemically straightened. I am nicely informed of the downsides of this therapy but I was pondering, do the suggestions of your hair steadily commence planning back again curly and standard immediately after the 6 months? Greatest response: Reply by Sur La MerI do no recommend them, which is $ three hundred – $ 800 each and every time you get them carried out. One I responded, she experienced hers carried out in March and that was Might when she posted it? It is a trillion dollar enterprise, and they do not give income back guarantee for damaged hair or hair reduction due to ‘abuse’, in this circumstance, most cancers. Hair straighteners are acknowledged as hair relaxers, keratin treatments and hair-smoothing goods. They work by breaking and reforming the chemical bonds in keratin,…

Is there a non-income organization that takes hair donation for alopecia individuals?

Concern by chante82: Is there a non-profit corporation that normally takes hair donation for alopecia individuals? I have noticed that there are loads of corporations that get hair donations to make wigs for cancer clients. I want to know if there are any corporations that do the very same for alopecia individuals. Best answer: Solution by classy&sassyi think Locks of Enjoy does Know much better? Depart your individual reply in the remarks!