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I have a small bald spot on my head and am i teen?

Issue by gmailhotmail42: I have a modest bald place on my head and am i teenager? I am a teenager and have a random modest bald spot on my head. i don’t know what its from. possibly from straightening my hair. are there any other opportunities as to what occurred. and whta need to i do to treatment it? Best answer: Answer by wizzardIf the spots are in the size of a quarter and has a clean surface. Check out the photos in the internet site below, if its comparable then it have to be Alopecia Areata. My bro managed to uncover a internet site called http://www.ALOPECIA-AREATA-Cure.com when he had the very same difficulty that clarifies about the problem and indicates remedy. He gave it a consider and to all our surprise he recovered. Its very useful. You may possibly want to give it a consider. Wish you a fast…

Teen Hair Loss Problems?

Question by Lauren Ashleigh: Teen Hair Reduction Difficulties? I feel I might be loosing way to considerably hair. I have in a natural way curly hair, and taking care of it is a large discomfort sometimes. But not too long ago in the past month I stopping shampooing my hair since of the substances. I started out performing something referred to as “The Curly Lady Strategy” and what that is, is just not utilizing shampoo, and making use of conditioner to wash your hair. And you have to make certain that the conditioner has no Cones or sulphates. I have investigated ahead of, and have read through that utilizing to significantly conditioner in your hair can make it drop out more. I just ignored it at the time, because I have curly hair, I imagined it would be various for me. So I’ve been conditioner washing my hair for nearly…

my hair has been slipping out a great deal and i’m only a teen ager?

Question by razorxxx: my hair has been falling out a great deal and i’m only a teen ager? for the past 12 months my hairs gotten a good deal far more destroyed and skinny, but for the earlier few months, it has been slipping out a whole lot too. i hardly ever straighten my hair and only use hair goods every now and then. what can i do to make my hair thicker/healthier/ expand back again? Greatest solution: Answer by slee dConsider enhancing your diet plan, have oil massages and reduce tension. You can locate much more organic residence solutions at http://www.wellnesstalk.org/hairfall.html Insert your possess solution in the remarks!

I take a teen multivitamin but I want to start off getting Biotin on top of it to help my hair develop. Is this protected?

Query by Kardashhyyy: I get a teenager multivitamin but I want to begin having Biotin on top rated of it to support my hair increase. Is this protected? I want to start off using Biotin on best of my multivitamin simply because I truly want my hair to develop. Will this be alright? The vitamin I already take has a little little bit of biotin in it but I want to commence taking a lot more. Will it support my hair increase more? Please assist! Finest solution: Reply by chrisAbsolutely secure! Numerous of my consumers just take it and their doctors said it is good. You can take it 2x for every working day as a matter of truth! What do you think? Solution beneath!

Teen boy with bald spots?

Query by : Teenager boy with bald locations? My male buddy is seventeen and for a couple of months, we’ve noticed he’s had bald locations all in excess of his head. The good news is his hair is covering them. I sense bad. There is a great deal of bald patches and places the place hair is thinning. I am pondering it really is alopecia. He also experienced terrible dandruff but he started making use of Head and Shoulders and that is almost absent. It is NOT anxiety. I am assuming it is from his bad diet. I was pondering he ought to get a thickening shampoo (Rogaine is as well costly) and take some Vitamin B2 considering that he by no means eats veggies. Tips? Guidelines? Experiences? Greatest solution: Answer by AndrewIt could be a multitude of things: dysfunctional thyroid, male-sample baldness, poor diet regime as you pointed out,…