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Prior to therapies these kinds of as chemotherapy and radiation, how had been most cancers individuals taken care of?

Concern by chrstnwrtr: Prior to treatment options such as chemotherapy and radiation, how had been cancer individuals taken care of? This acquired me contemplating. Soon after listening to a relatively gross story from the Center Ages that dealt with a nun managing a cancerous tumor, how ended up most cancers individuals taken care of prior to the advent of chemotherapy and radiation? And here is an extra question: why does chemotherapy lead to hair reduction and nausea in clients? Greatest answer: Answer by Diane AUntil a tumor could be lower out, most cancers resulted in death although there have been possibly loads of off-the -wall therapies. In the early stages of Xray remedy (feel 1900s)–it was deemed to be effective if the pores and skin burned! Surgery for growths goes as far back again as the Egyptians & Greeks (they utilized numerous medication & substances for anesthesia). Many Chemo drugs…

Best flea and tick therapies for cats for somebody allergic to topicals?

Issue by Kelsey Circen: Ideal flea and tick treatments for cats for somebody allergic to topicals? My cats are 11 several years aged and not once have I ever had a flea issue with them! I moved to my new condominium very last January ’12 from my mothers house (had been 6 cats and three puppies all lived with each other with no a single flea making use of no treatment options!) and in the final couple months or so have been battling fleas! (they have been stricktly in door cats their entire lives, they never ever go outside the house) It was actually poor in feb but I treated my puppies with Comfortis, my cats with a natural topical (All-natural Protection) sprayed the property with a sentry solution and cleaned every little thing! I hadn’t seen a flea since so I imagined it was beneath manage. Nonetheless my male…

Any therapies for slim hairs?

Concern by Josh: Any therapies for thin hairs? I reduce my hair a handful of months back after receiving exhausted of obtaining cornrows and observed that my hairline was pushed back again and it is noticeable. I consider it’s known as traction alopecia(not certain) due to the fact when ever i received cornrows i often received it restricted since it appeared far better. I see thin hairs expanding in the spot where my hairline utilised to be but it really is…thin. It is not like I am likely bald( I am eighteen). The doctor was no aid, he just stated it relies upon on genetics and failed to even inquire if there is a cause why the hairs are slim. Anybody know if there’s something i can do to make the slender hairs thicker and darker like they employed to be? Ideal reply: Response by Jimmy PAttempt castor oil or…

Can Brazilian Keratin Remedy therapies switch your hair orange?

Query by Rain: Can Brazilian Keratin Therapy therapies change your hair orange? Exclusively Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy thirty-Day Smoothing Treatment method. I’ve read that it’s turned highlighted hair orange. Is that due to the fact of the dye in the hair or because of the shade? My hair is not highlighted it’s natural would it do that to my hair? Very best answer: Answer by Sur La MerIf you have already chemical substances on your hair: hair dye, chlorine, and so on. BTW: The hair sector is a billion dollar business, they promote merchandise that cleans & situation the hair. They also promote merchandise that injury and leads to hair loss. They also DO NOT give cash back again guarantee for ruined hair or hair loss because of to ‘abuse’. Mechanical, chemical, or thermal styling. Hair straighteners and relaxers leading the hair items pose the greatest pitfalls. Hair relaxers, connected…

What are the potential risks of Rogaine and other hair reduction therapies?

Concern by Jefrey: What are the risks of Rogaine and other hair loss remedies? I want to use Rogaine or yet another hair regrowth merchandise, but i am hesitant to do so simply because i personally consider that there must be key prolonged expression facet consequences. Support me! Greatest answer: Answer by goldilocks82Outstanding Query. In quick, Rogaine (Minoxidil) is topical and so it limits its likely risks. The mechanism of steps is that Minoxidil may possibly activate the hair follicle directly or stimulate the microcirculation bordering the follicle, increasing cutaneous blood stream via its vasodilating outcomes. (Minoxidil also may possibly change the metabolic process of androgens in the scalp.) However, when Minoxidil is taken systemically (in capsule kind), it has hypotensive effects (lowers blood stress). For that reason, it would be dangerous if too considerably Rogaine is absorbed through the head into the bloodstream. Thankfully, topical minoxidil is poorly absorbed…

Has anyone experienced any Actual results with hair-reduction therapies?

Concern by Bobbo: Has any individual experienced any Genuine success with hair-decline treatment options? I’ve seen a lot of recommendations for protecting against hair loss and regrowing hair, but I was questioning if any individual has experienced any Individual success with any normal solutions, or merchandise on the marketplace? Thanks! Best response: Answer by sumDiet program and life style are two key variables that influence the well being of the hair. Inadequate diet, disease and deficiencies of any specific vitamin and mineral influences the high quality of hair and issues like dandruff, thinning hair, balding, premature graying and so forth. spoil the hair. Verify out for more information. Include your own response in the reviews!

what are the brings about and therapies for itchy scalp with hair reduction?

Concern by tcouther003: what are the leads to and remedies for itchy scalp with hair reduction? I am a 30 calendar year old African American feminine who is anticipating. I at present commence to expertise a severe itchy scalp with some hair loss (hair shedding). This all occured about two months back. I have however talk to my physician due to the fact I have been trying to treat it with a merchandise named Sulfur eight ( shampoo and hair conditioner). I nevertheless have not found a relief as of yet. Greatest response: Answer by Brittanyblack men and women have to have oils in their hair to stop it from breaking and itching. and seemingly, you aren’t giving your hair adequate oil. washing it will not assist since it will just make it dryer. you must wash your hair when a week. and therapeutic massage your scalp everyday with hair…

Does alopecia in Poms reverse following 6 a long time with no therapies?

Issue by Redfern: Does alopecia in Poms reverse following six a long time with no treatment options? My feminine (spayed) Pom had a stunning coat when I acquired her from a breeder, but at about age 1 one/2 a long time, she began to get rid of coat 1st on back of legs, sides, then chest, back and tail. Pores and skin turned black and leathery, apart from on chest, where skin remained white. Exams for Cushings and Thyroid were unfavorable. Now she is age nine and expanding hair. Only adjust is that I am now feeding her Royal Canin Shh Tsu meals. Wonderful! Very best response: Solution by wickedwitYour canine is most probably an allergic and you have eventually found a food that doesn’t exacerbate her allergies. Like individuals, pet dogs can build and drop allergic reactions during their lives. Issues in their quick atmosphere, this sort of as…

Are there any new therapies for alopecia areata or alopecia universalis-eyebrow and head hair decline?

Query by JDog: Are there any new treatments for alopecia areata or alopecia universalis-eyebrow and head hair loss? Best solution: Reply by StatementI really do not know if there are any new hair decline treatment options but there are current alopecia remedies that you may not know about. Think about checking out a web site that reviews hair reduction therapies for people with thinning hair. Any great comparison website will provide data about thegoods required to deal with hair decline. Increase your personal reply in the comments!

Anybody have hair decline remedies other than salon items/hair transplants? Any dependable holistic therapies?

Query by lacrosselover: Any person have hair decline treatments other than salon products/hair transplants? Any trustworthy holistic treatment options? Any suggestions that have worked for you for hair decline and itchy scalp? Have experimented with various shampoo and salon scalp treatment options. Have observed a medical doctor but no solutions. Very best reply: Solution by sweetladyi advice you to use castor oil Include your personal reply in the feedback!

Any new alopecia therapies out there?

Query by Laura A: Any new alopecia treatments out there? I have had alopecia totalis given that 1995, and have not appeared into ‘treatment’ in the earlier decade. Just curious if someone has had achievement with any new techniques. I have has cortisone inj, PUVA light treatments, rogaine, Kevis, prednisone. The doc believed my theodore sprinkles for my asthma reacted severely with Cipro, some response in bloodstream and eight weeks later on bald.. Very best response: Reply by Sim TA single of my buddies is currently undergoing a “scalp rejuvenation” remedy. It really is completely herbal and the objective is to in some way stimulate the hair roots to increase. I’m not certain if it works, but heading by the small-term results my good friend is seeing, it looks well worth a consider. Know greater? Leave your very own response in the remarks!

Order from USA “Alopecia: The Total Information On Therapies and Solutions Halt Hair Decline In Guys and Ladies”

Alopecia: The Comprehensive Information On Treatment options and Treatments Cease Hair Reduction In Guys and Females © Binders Publishing LLCAlopecia is actually a really widespread condition that affects children, as nicely as men and women. There are a quantity of brings about of alopecia. These causes array from the healthcare these kinds of as chemotherapy, the psychological, such as ailments wherein individuals pull out their individual hair, to the cosmetics exactly where men and women get hairstyles these kinds of as braids that are just way as well restricted and that damages the follicles of the hair.There are different kinds of alopecia. There is alopecia aleata which is the a single that provides with bald patches that could be little or large and can be still left alone to proper by itself at some point. There is also the sort of alopecia that causes comprehensive hair loss on the head…