What is improper with this boy?

Question by : What is incorrect with this boy?
There is a boy in my Geometry course who is partly bald and he walks abnormally. He’s bald on the correct side of his head and it truly is a type of oval form. Also when he walks he does this practically limp issue and his arm does this amusing issue exactly where it like curls up. Like it bends at about a eighty five degree angle and his hand is closed and sort of bent- like his wrist is bent down. I am just questioning what is his problem? Btw his age is most likely fourteen/15 possibly 13 if that issues. Many thanks x

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Answer by previously_bob
Bald spots happen from a problem called alopecia areata – the cuase of this condition is not acknowledged and there is no powerful treatment.

There are numerous achievable leads to for his gait and physical differences. The most typical cause is cerebral palsy, and if this is what he has, its a gentle kind of the dysfunction.

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There is this woman that I operate with that is totally bald from alopecia?

Query by cathie: There is this girl that I perform with that is totally bald from alopecia?
she retains it a key that she has no hair wherever. Her wig has suction cups on it but she explained that it itches terribly..I believe this would be terrible to hold a secret from a potential adore partner but she claims that she is likely to…do you feel she can get by with it? she is “alright” in the looks part..very really tall and slender ..she mentioned that her first partner remaining her after her long thick hair fell out..she has not had any hair in above 10 years now …

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Response by Aspiration
Soon after a really nerve-racking time in my daily life I produced Alopecia. It was devastating. I was lucky that it was only patches, so imaginative hairstyles ended up capable to keep it from the public. I utilised Monooxidil two% (Walgreen’s generic Rogaine) and it worked. I struggled with it for about a year, a patch listed here, a patch there, but the monooxidil stuff grew my hair back again SO speedily, it was a wonder. All these medical professionals could not explain to me crap, lessen your stress blah blah, but the only issue that assisted was that stuff. I did preserve it from a possible lover, but you have to picture the humiliation. I ought to have instructed him, due to the fact the concern of him seeing or noticing a difference was not really worth it.

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Has anybody use Eko Garlic shampoo for too much hair decline? I can’t discover a lot of evaluations on this merchandise.?

Concern by Dreamer o}: Has anyone use Eko Garlic shampoo for too much hair decline? I can not find several critiques on this product.?
I have been shedding my hair ridiculously recently and read through that garlic shampoo could aid. But when I employed it for the very first time right now, my hair fell out in chunks, I was so terrified, I didn’t know if this was typical or not but I cannot discover any evaluations on this product… Please Aid! I’m viewing my physician tomorrow but would like some solutions and tips nowadays. Many thanks

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Reply by crazyjenny
I do not know about this real shampoo, but I do know that garlic truly does support grow back hair. My outdated roommate randomly acquired 3 bald places in the again of his head…we don’t know why. He just read that garlic would support. So he truly took a garlic clove, cut it in 50 percent, and then rubbed the minimize finish on the places at minimum when a day… It grew his hair back again! I consider it took possibly about two months. It was the weirdest issue I have ever noticed.
Im sorry I cant assist with the shampoo, but the concept of the garlic does work! Great luck!

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Is this a undesirable hair program?

Question by FudgeRiple: Is this a negative hair routine?
I considered about shampooing my hair with a clarifying shampoo after a thirty day period. My hair gets quite dry, brittle, and frizzy when I use shampoo, so I imagined about cutting down on shampooing and utilizing a conditioner each and every 2 months. I want to use a protein treatment method merchandise on my hair after a thirty day period and a deep conditioner. I know that my hair demands more dampness and protein, but I do not know if this regimen would be a excellent notion, I want someone’s impression. I have 4A kind hair.

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I have bald spot on the temples of my scalp, has anybody experienced this and mounted the issue?

Issue by miguel p: I have bald place on the temples of my scalp, has any person had this and set the problem?
I experienced it for a long time. It’s not lacking natural vitamins simply because i drink them and eat good. A single issue I utilized to do restricted hairstyles and pony tails..but i dont consider it will completely do harm to the hair follicles..I had it about fourteen yrs old and now im 24. I depart it unfastened and dont tighten it so im not producing it worse..its not pretty at all. I barely do hairstyles since its that visible. if i pull my hair back you can see it. If the wind blows you can see it. Its so hideous and embarrasing. Any one particular experienced this difficulty like me and set it? a week ago i bought 2% minoxidil or how at any time you spell it. Any aid out there you should!
and by the way i went to a dermatologist. Gave me some drugs and a treatment for the follicles..that didnt operate

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Reply by wizard
If your bald location is entirely hairless around the size of a quarter or dime, it should be Alopecia Areata. Its a variety autoimmune disease. You can look at some photos in www.alopecia-areata-treatment.com. Its fairly insightful also.

My bro had Alopecia Areata and managed to recuperate by means of a treatment he acquired by way of the website. You might want to try out. Desire you a rapid recovery.

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hello ..i have shifted my residence to new residence ..below i have hair tumble issue..any one support me for this difficulty?

Question by Cv B: hello ..i have shifted my home to new house ..here i have hair tumble issue..any one support me for this issue?
i have abrupt hair tumble because my home change..i have utilized vinegar treatment method that also not operating..hair fall is continuing ….please any of you give me the solutions for that…remember to

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Response by kaeylarae
It could well be the modify in the water given that you moved that could be creating this. If it is ..I would get a water jug that will take the impurities out of the drinking water before you clean your hair and use that rather of straight out of the tap.If this does not support then I recommend a trip to your Doctors as relocating residence is nerve-racking ample and you may possibly have a variety of quick time period alopecia..Which CAN be handled effectively. Excellent Luck Honey XXX

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Is this regular hair reduction?

Question by : Is this normal hair decline?
I just wanted to get some other opinions as to no matter whether this is standard hair decline. I also get rid of diverse amounts of hair a day. On some times there can be considerably less than 50 while on others it can somewhat in excess of 1 hundred. Nonetheless, the common quantity of hair I lose is under 100 hairs. How considerably hair do you shed when you brush it? Is it regular to locate some free hairs on your garments all through the day? Is it regular to pull out a few strands when you run your palms through it? Any details is drastically appreciated.
I am only 19

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Response by Titania D
It truly is normal. Especially if you have had youngsters. At any time because I’ve experienced kids, my hair arrives out a minor little bit. But it’s totally normal. Unless of course you are balding. I have usually dropped a little hair and yes hairs get snagged throughout the day and arrive out on your fingers and your clothing. I find hairs in my automobile. LOL

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Has anybody utilised this product before?Its referred to as Clobetasol Propionate for Alopecia Areata?

Issue by newdad022000: Has anyone utilised this cream ahead of?Its called Clobetasol Propionate for Alopecia Areata?
My daughter is 10 and has alopecia areata.Its just a quarter sized spherical bald spot at the minute.This dermatologists that i have been having her to for the past 5 months approved this gel named Clobetasol Propionate .05%.Its a steroid.Its applied 2 occasions a day proper in the bald location,
For the earlier week now theres scabbing and redness in the bald spot.So i made the decision to get her to a distinct dermatolagist.She stated why on Earth would i still be utilizing this cream for 5 months when its intended to be employed only for two months because of its strength!Has anyone ever read that this cream should be only utilized for two months.Also,it must not be offered to youngsters below 12.SHES ten!
Shouldnt this Dr of known this and need to i be mad.Her bald place is all scabby now.

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Solution by 🙂
Clobetasol propionate is employed for the treatment method of numerous skin disorders including eczema, psoriasis, and lichen sclerosus. It is also utilized to take care of numerous auto-immune illnesses such as alopecia areata, vitiligo, lichen planus (automobile immune skin nodules), and mycosis fungoides (T-mobile skin lymphoma).

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I just had cellulitis on the facet of my head and my hair is slipping out, can i end this? will it grow back?

Issue by Parker: I just experienced cellulitis on the aspect of my head and my hair is slipping out, can i quit this? will it grow again?
I had the an infection a minor far more than 2 weeks ago and and i was practically way too ill to shift. i was approved Zyvox 600 mg tablets to consider twice daily for ten times, and my infection went absent. i have been under an abnormally substantial sum of tension in the course of this infection due to the fact my grandma died last sunday. my hair didn’t begin slipping out until following i was off of the antibiotics for about 2 days, at first the volume of hair that fell out was about the dimensions of a penny, and it stayed that way right up until these days. i scratched my head and seemed at my hand and it was protected in hair, it came out like it wasnt even connected. now the measurement of the bald spot is a bit larger than a 50 cent piece. i am commencing to worry. make sure you support, does anybody know if there is a way to stop my hair from slipping out? or if it will expand again? and if it does expand back again is there a way to make it take place more rapidly?

Greatest solution:

Reply by Matt
bad dude. i feel sorry for you.. 🙁 uhm i dont genuinely know but you need to consider to go to a derm. to verify out the pores and skin beneath your hair or some thing.

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Is This Hair Solution Colour Safe?

Query by Darya Ruslan: Is This Hair Solution Color Protected?
I have this new solution, Natural Essences Tousle Me Softly Mousse. My hair is presently dyed black with bleached blonde streaks. Is this solution colour safe or will it clean out my hair color if I wash my hair right after utilizing this merchandise? The genuine product does not specify if it is color secure or not.

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Reply by Alyssa N
I have that way too, and I havent observed it wash out my hair at all, so I believe you will be just wonderful.

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Has anybody tried out this product on their hair?

Issue by Scotland26: Has anyone attempted this product on their hair?
Has anybody experimented with Nioxin follicle booster ahead of? It truly is suppoed to assist regrow hair and support good or skinny looking hair look fuller. Has any individual utilized this item just before?

Best answer:

Response by Sur La Mer
Hair items are NOT produced of glue to fix, avoid, reverse hair from acquiring damaged, or hair decline, or make them develop . . . . they are a trillion dollar enterprise. They also do NOT give income back ensure for destroyed hair or hair decline induced by warmth & substances – hair’s worst enemies.

When hair starts off growing yet again . . ‘however, I finished up with undesired body hair. ‘

In accordance Dr. Melissa Piliang, a skin doctor at the Cleveland Clinic. Us citizens expended an estimated $ 176 million on hair reduction products very last 12 months, and chances are some of that cash was not effectively put in. Really do not let charming salon house owners, seductive advertisements or extravagant gimmicks persuade you otherwise.

CNN, Slate, Buyer Reviews, MSN, YAHOO have posted them on the internet for years how men and women devote $ twenty billion for every 12 months on vitamins and health supplements.  In accordance to Every day Well being, this is an write-up that will notify you why . . . individuals Products by any other title do NOT Function.  It is fake ads.

Google: Are Nutritional supplements Good For You? About 58,000,000 final results (.thirteen seconds)

THEN Google: Are natural vitamins & health supplements great for you? About 230,000,000 final results (.17 seconds). Some can really shorten your existence!
Google: Hair expansion lawsuits. Hair growth induced other gentlemen nationwide in class-action lawsuits. About one,640,000 results (.ten 2nd. Jan. 24, 2011.
Google: Hair regrowth agency will get the treatment method as consumer sees no fringe advantages. University pupil Raymond Bayssari, twenty, who in spite of boasting a head of hair most bald gentlemen aspiration about, was awarded a $ 1305 immediate refund after a tribunal located Mr Bayssari’s hair had not regrown. Printed 8-23-12.
Fda can not keep track of down all of these fraudulent products, so buyers need to beware of unapproved goods that make false statements. When in question about a solution, talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or other wellness care specialist.

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Has any individual listened to of this organic therapy for hair decline?

Issue by : Has anyone heard of this organic therapy for hair decline?
I discovered this on another discussion board. Some guy, I guess with a credible track record (not a troll), posted this on a hairloss thread:

“you require two items : olive oil + garlic.

Heat olive oil on minimal fireplace, cut 50 % a garlic into truly small items, fry it in the olive oil for just a couple of seconds. Great it down, and use this oil when a week. It smells a little little bit but trust me, right after you have witnessed all the new hair thats popping out of your head, it’s so really worth it.

So here’s how you use it. therapeutic massage the oil in your head, put a hot soaked towel about your head. Wait one hour. Repeat weakly, for four weaks and look at your hair leaping out of your skull.

Also what you can do is, set 20cc of “oleum terebentinae” into a 200 ml shampoo. You don’t need to have to adjust shampoo, just use the a single you allways use. Wash your hair with this shampoo.. Some of my friends attempted my guidelines and now they have superb hair.”

Would there be any risks striving this technique? Of program, verify for allergic reactions. Will this strategy perform?

Ideal reply:

Reply by noemi
No I have by no means heard of this.But it is Intriguing thought and i arrived accross this site also this early morning

Very best Needs,

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what has been triggering this unusual hairloss for the last five many years?

Issue by brussels152: what has been creating this strange hairloss for the very last 5 years?
i am at present 27, i commenced to observed hairloss at the age 22 a few times right after i obtained a haircut. i was touching my hair and observed hair in my hand all of a unexpected, then a limited time following that this itching sensation started on my head and the hairloss improved as well. by way of out the last five many years i have lost hair each day and the itching sensation by no means remaining either, at moments it gets actually undesirable and thats when alot of hair looks to fall out as properly as getting these small pimples on my scalp and some pink iritated lumps that both damage or itch? then it dies down right after a week or so then my hairloss will sort of quit you could say for a handful of days but my scalp then is dry and alot of dandruff sets in, but no hair on the pillow in the mourning or hair in my hand when i shampoo, then it starts off again. ! its like a cycle?? as of now im not bald and even now have alot of hair on my head, with all the hair i have missing i ought to be bald? but its not as thick however, what could this issue be??

Very best response:

Reply by ashley_carro
did you ever go see a dr. in the past 5 yrs?
You could have a fungus or one thing.

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Is This Alopecia Areata?

Query by L.A.M.B.: Is This Alopecia Areata?
I am thirteen a long time outdated and I have discovered that my hair is commencing to tumble out correct previously mentioned my temples.Its been a sluggish method but at faculty when I am operating, I will appear down and there will be like 4 hairs on my desk and I will locate my hair on my lap or clothing. My hair is really slender previously mentioned my temples and if I pull it into a ponytail and pull my bangs back again then you can see it really certainly(and I have to use it like that for cheerleading so everyone can see it).

I have also seen that in the previous number of months my nails get dents in them near the cuticle and grow outwards. I have read through that that is a symptom of Alopecia.

An additional thing is that it is supposedly induced by an iron deficiency and I am just the slightest bit anemic.

I am truly concerned about it and my mother isn’t really quite beneficial because she says that we will not require to fret about it since Alpoecia is quite unusual and it truly is not in our loved ones and I am above reacting.

right here are some photographs i took of it:
Alopeica Areata
Alopecia Areata

Best solution:

Answer by þêþþêrmïñ† þ円ï ♥
It might be. Check with your doctor, we can’t professionally diagnose your for Alopecia…

But alopecia is not big deal…. all it is is a bald place. Remedy for that is only cosmetic.

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This weird Situation?

Issue by Nissee: This bizarre Problem?
Does anybody out there have Alopecia Areata? I was diagnoised with this unusual autoimmune condition but I have no hair decline. Im truly not faund of the reality that I could be loosing my hair in spherical bald patches. Is there a heal? And is it a reality that I will even loose any of my hair?

Best answer:

Response by Emily
Try out a google research – there is most likely a site with a support group and heaps of information

Edit – seem at www.naaf.org

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my sister is 27 years previous and this early morning she woke up with a bald place the dimensions of half her palm?

Concern by masi: my sister is 27 many years previous and this early morning she woke up with a bald spot the dimension of 50 % her palm?
her doctor explained its from tension can some a single tell me how to support her develop her hair faster and how to avoid this from going on THE Principal Concern IS HOW TO Develop HER HAIR Again or will it grow ?

Very best answer:

Solution by stefflite
WOW IM SOOO SORRY TO Listen to THAT Effectively Try TELLING HER TO Consider PRENATAL Tablets THAT WILL Perform In THE Within OF HER Physique TO Develop OUT SOME HAIR BUT Actually IM NO HAIR Medical doctor THATS WHO SHE Must Genuinely SEE. BUT UMMM THATS Actually A Lot OF HAIR DUED SHMPOOS Consider WHEAT GERM Products ITS THE Greatest I BELEIVE Wish I CAN Assist SOME Far more BUT THATS ALL I HAVE.

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Why do I have this bald spot on my chin in my beard?

Concern by Johnston: Why do I have this bald spot on my chin in my beard?
Its like a best oval, its strange
Im only 17

Greatest solution:

Solution by Barcode
Genetics rule – you are not able to re-system genetics.

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I want absolutely everyone who reads this to response this you should.?

Concern by MoonDog: I want everyone who reads this to solution this remember to.?
This is for a college project and I want some stats to set in a report. Do you know what Alopecia Areata is?
Do you know what the signs of Alopecia are?
If so, do you know what type of remedies there are?

Very best answer:

Reply by any individual
sure, i have had alopecia. it is a varying diploma of baldness. i dont ‘k now what leads to it but i had to have shots in my scalp.

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my daughter is twelve and has had hair decline. she has a movie like sensation to her hair. any ideas what this could be?

Issue by Shelley B: my daughter is 12 and has experienced hair loss. she has a movie like feeling to her hair. any tips what this could be?
she was identified with alopecia, which i do not feel she has because she develops sores prior to her hair loss.
thyroid has been checked. turned out ok.

Greatest solution:

Answer by catcando
Has she experienced her thyroid checked?

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Does this nt spot pattern baldness treatment in fact function for alopecia? ?

Query by Paul D: Does this nt location pattern baldness treatment really work for alopecia? ?
I’ve had a little (but growing) alopecia place now for about three months and want it long gone. I cannot do a research with no finding something from these individuals: http://www.curespotbaldness.com/

It appears like it is based out of Europe or Asia or one thing and I truly feel like it would seem risky to invest $ 100 on. They declare benefits in three-4 months and have several testiments, but i was curious if this things is actually ligit and how well it genuinely functions?

Best response:

Reply by Mopar Muscle mass Gal
see your Dermatologist to see if medically , pressure or hereditary associated prior to you spend any $ on OTC topical treatments

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