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I think my relaxer triggered my bald spot. Will my hair expand back again?!?

Concern by curious_lady: I feel my relaxer triggered my bald place. Will my hair develop back again?!? I’v comfortable my possess hair Routinely for at minimum ten many years and have in no way experienced any problems. However, this previous time, I finished up with a bald place a little larger than the measurement of a quarter. I’m not confident if the relaxer did it because 1) I am always quite careful and 2) it truly is only in one particular place in the front of my head. I usually make positive I implement to my hairline final and rinse out there first (and stick to all the other common precautions) so I am really puzzled. But essentially, what I’m attempting to find out is if this has at any time transpired to anyone and if the hair grew again. It really is been about a month and my bald…

What triggered my hair loss and is it reversible?

Concern by arsenal: What brought on my hair loss and is it reversible? Hi I seen that I would find hair on my pillow when I woke up but not allot . I just lately swapped shampoos to 1 known as Pantene. Following three months of making use of I observed I experienced a bald patch on my head. Nb I’m 15 years previous and the reviews for this shampoo stated that it brought on hair reduction Very best response: Answer by AshleyIf you had the power to quit and reverse your hair reduction, would you? Hair reduction is a widespread issue that can keep different which means to every person. There are tons of guys who will be content to inform you that baldness is a sign of virility or even that, โ€œBald is beautiful!โ€ Really handful of females even so are not distressed if they encounter extreme hair…

If my PCOS has triggered hair loss this previous yr, will the hair regrow as soon as PCOS is underneath management?

Question by Justanotherpersononyahooanswers: If my PCOS has induced hair loss this previous 12 months, will the hair regrow once PCOS is under control? Or are my hair follicles permanently destroyed? It truly is only been this earlier year. I’ve by no means had hair reduction as a symptom up until now. Even now, it’s mainly in my crown area. Not Remarkable, but noticeable. Many thanks. Greatest reply: Answer by BosleyHowdy there, It really is challenging to say for confident if the injury is everlasting proper now there are a number of normal solutions you can try out 1st ahead of springing for any drugs. For instance, normal oils like jojoba, rosemary, and basil utilized immediately to the scalp are recognized to assist restore hair loss damage as effectively as encourage healthful blood flow to your scalp, which is essential for wholesome hair. Also, a diet plan abundant in vitamins, proteins,…

Can alopecia be triggered by ironing your hair everyday?

Question by :P: Can alopecia be caused by ironing your hair each day? Me and my cousin have a scene/emo haircut. But we iron/straighten our hair everyday for a although, but when my mom occasionally helps me straighten my hair, she pulls out like two strands of hair and thats it (she by no means straightens my hair, only often) But can ironing hair trigger alopecia? And if not, what does? I will not want to drop my hair. ๐Ÿ™ Finest solution: Reply by AngNo. It are unable to. Alopecia is a condition that most men and women are born with. What do you believe? Answer underneath!