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What`s the natural remedy for Alopecia Universalis???

Question by alins: What`s the organic remedy for Alopecia Universalis??? I`m feminine 38 many years old and I have Alopecia Universalis since oct 2006.No person in my household have this condition. I don`t have thyroid dysfunction and I don`t make chemoterapy. Ideal solution: Solution by Prescious EBetter have an appointment with your medical professional to examine your overall health. If you have thyroid problem…that will lead to you alopecia, or if you are going through chemotherapy. Most alopecia patients have hormonal imbalance, other folks are hereditary. So, greater check your health so that you know what to do up coming. Give your reply to this concern below!

Any Remedy for Decline OF Total Physique HAIR (Alopecia Universalis) ?

Question by S E H: Any Heal for Decline OF Full Physique HAIR (Alopecia Universalis) ? My buddy lost all her entire body hair, commencing from the head, eyebrows, eyelashes and then entire body…. they have not diagnosed her right here in lebanon, even so i have researched for her and located out she has Alopecia Universalis (atleast i think so, from the information she gave me)… any cure? she has alot of sprays and medicine, but no use. she suggests its an automobile-immunity problem… she has been hairless for more than ten a long time.. and i feel she is supplying up… please help! Greatest reply: Reply by Cσηvεяsε CяαzчI’m sorry to say this, but there is no heal for alopecia. I know it seems unhappy. You could think about hair implants and wig for her. She’s no diverse from other people. Explain to her this. Know much better?…

Does anyone any idea why my skin doctor has give me,ELIDEL,for Alopecia Universalis??/?

Issue by alins: Does anyone any thought why my dermatologist has give me,ELIDEL,for Alopecia Universalis??/? I don`t `have eczema,but my skin is very dry.I`m frightened for elidel. Greatest reply: Answer by HK3738it seems to be an immuno modulator, there is a principle that alopecia may possibly be immune mediated, this “could” be the achievable purpose why your dermatologist recommended this drug, you would have to question him/her this query even though, good luck Add your possess answer in the responses!

alopecia universalis?

Concern by questions: alopecia universalis? again when I was diagnosed with alopecia areata my mothers and fathers mentioned that there was a steroids shot that would make my hair expand back but I chose not to get it. Now I am rethinking that decision and I was asking yourself if there was actually a shot that would make my hair grow back. Very best answer: Answer by RuthIn exploring your disorder, I did not locate any details in regards to steroids getting utilized to result in regrowth of hair reduction. Nonetheless, there are two topical ( used to the pores and skin) immunotherapy, each of these trigger an allergic response which may promote the hair follicles. 1) DPCP ( Diphencyprone), a potent get in touch with allergen 2) SADBE ( Squaric acid Dibutyl ester), a extremely dilute answer that causes an allergic reaction in the pores and skin. Given that…

indications of alopecia universalis??

Concern by jew b: symptoms of alopecia universalis?? Well, I at present have alopecia areata in my hair and ahead of I found out I experienced it in my hair or even experienced alopecia I observed marks on my back again but by no means appeared carefully… considered they have been tan marks. But.. searching closer I observed I do not have hair on those spots. I don’t have a furry back at all but when anything like that takes place it will get a good deal much more seen… There are above twenty spots on my back again but im curious…. is it alopecia areata or is this turning out to be alopecia universalis Ideal solution: Solution by pale_vixenthe initial point I would propose is looking at a medical professional who may question you to seek the advice of a dermatologist who could immediate you to a tricologist (…

Can anybody tell me some excellent net sites to buy wigs at a first rate cost? I have Alopecia universalis and?

Query by TATA: Can anyone tell me some very good web websites to purchase wigs at a good price? I have Alopecia universalis and? I have to wear a piece 24/7. It will get fairly high-priced. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Greatest answer: Solution by Colleen Ecelebritystylewigs.com Human hair – retail 1200-1400$ – they are about 1/3 less costly below. What do you feel? Reply underneath!

Has anyone with Alopecia Universalis experienced regrowth with topical immunotherapy?

Concern by Tom: Has anyone with Alopecia Universalis had regrowth with topical immunotherapy? Im 16 and im having topical immunotherapy and its in fact looking good. The hair follicles have opened on the entrance of my head and on odd elements all more than my scalp, im obtaining small very small hairs popping by way of in teams of about 5 all above my head. I was wondering if anyone else has Alopecia Universalis and if this is looking excellent, thanks guys Greatest reply: Answer by Andy CThat is great obtaining your hair regrow again i am a alopeia universalis undergo and have tried using a lot of therapies but absolutely nothing seems to be working i have this situation for four many years now and not that i like it but i deal with it but i’m a ladies who has this problem. You should inform me how extended…