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Has any person ever used Treatment G merchandise for thinning hair?

Question by ilovemike310: Has anybody at any time used Treatment G goods for thinning hair? And if so did they assist? I’m only twenty five and i have been shedding a good deal of hair more than the previous calendar year and my hair was presently thin to commence with. I just bought Treatment G’s starter kit and was questioning if it labored for halting extreme hair decline for anybody? Ideal response: Response by sparkleshoes4948Sorry this is a terrible solution but, no, no I have not. Know far better? Depart your personal response in the comments!

Are the hair relaxers used in salons secure?

Issue by Aum: Are the hair relaxers employed in salons protected? I have an appointment for a hair relaxer therapy. And the expert at the salon stated it was mild and it would not trigger harm to my hair. Is it safe? I presently have some hair loss. So I am worried. Greatest answer: Reply by HANNAH MONTANAthere are some for diff hair kinds i consider she observed ur hair and picked one particular out for ur hair kind u have nothing to wry bout What do you feel? Response under!

Has any individual used Scalpmed for hair loss and does it perform?

Issue by aching: Has anyone employed Scalpmed for hair decline and does it work? Have experienced hair decline and was going to try out scalpmed just wondering if anybody is aware if it actually performs. Greatest response: Response by Marcie Bi have never read of it….. but, you need to attempt NIOXEN its a shampoo, usually you can get a starter package that comes with the shampoo, conditioner and the follicle booster. its confirmed to function. docter recommend it to cancer clients!!! you can get it at any salon usually. What do you think? Reply under!

Has any individual used IHT nine hair loss shampoo?

Question by : Has any individual employed IHT nine hair loss shampoo? I have been searching for a hair decline answer and discovered this IHT9 shampoo for hair decline and hair expansion. I want to know if it works for douleur pastern hair reduction and baldness. They claim it to be Organic and Ayurvedic. Finest answer: Reply by MouseI have been making use of IHT 9 as my regular hair care shampoo virtually given that last 2 years. I had been experiencing serious hair reduction at that stage of time and IHT9 stopped it within pair of weeks. The reality that this shampoo is made up of only all-natural herbs prompted me to correct this as my typical shampoo. Now, all of us do demand a shampoo and since it does not have any severe chemical it is a wise notion to use IHT nine. As far as douleur pattern…