Techniques to protect hair reduction troubles?

Concern by Faith P: Techniques to go over hair reduction difficulties?
I have a buddy who has hair loss problems and he’s requested me for suggestions. What do you guys do to protect your hair reduction difficulties, if you have it?

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Answer by Freya
Properly i personally dont have hair reduction troubles but i would advise some hair extensions notify him to go to a salon (hairdressers) and question for hair extensions and then he can go each month or so to have them re fitted 🙂

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  1. you can buy shampoo to deal with hair loss it helps it grow back
    and also i no its alot of money but there are operations you can have nowadays they reenter hair into your scalp make new folicules then it grows back like normal

    i would try the shampoo first

    hope this helps


  2. Darth Maximus Macleoud

    don’t cover it up…shave it all off and go bald!!