Teen boy with bald spots?

Query by : Teenager boy with bald locations?
My male buddy is seventeen and for a couple of months, we’ve noticed he’s had bald locations all in excess of his head. The good news is his hair is covering them. I sense bad. There is a great deal of bald patches and places the place hair is thinning. I am pondering it really is alopecia. He also experienced terrible dandruff but he started making use of Head and Shoulders and that is almost absent. It is NOT anxiety. I am assuming it is from his bad diet. I was pondering he ought to get a thickening shampoo (Rogaine is as well costly) and take some Vitamin B2 considering that he by no means eats veggies. Tips? Guidelines? Experiences?

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Answer by Andrew
It could be a multitude of things: dysfunctional thyroid, male-sample baldness, poor diet regime as you pointed out, and many others.

His best guess would be to go to a medical doctor to have an examination and blood examination run.

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