Teen Hair Loss Problems?

Question by Lauren Ashleigh: Teen Hair Reduction Difficulties?
I feel I might be loosing way to considerably hair.
I have in a natural way curly hair, and taking care of it is a large discomfort sometimes.
But not too long ago in the past month I stopping shampooing my hair since of the substances.
I started out performing something referred to as “The Curly Lady Strategy” and what that is, is just not utilizing shampoo, and making use of conditioner to wash your hair. And you have to make certain that the conditioner has no Cones or sulphates.
I have investigated ahead of, and have read through that utilizing to significantly conditioner in your hair can make it drop out more. I just ignored it at the time, because I have curly hair, I imagined it would be various for me.
So I’ve been conditioner washing my hair for nearly a month, I enjoy my curl results. But my pony tail keeps acquiring slimmer and slimmer I consider. And when I’m in the shower it appears like I’m loosing up to a hundred or a lot more hairs, JUST in the shower. I know that 100 fall outs a day is normal.
But I’ve also seen that my hair element exhibits up more and much more. You can see my scalp much more.
I never straighten my hair, in simple fact I never use heat on it at all.
I use protected products now, and nevertheless my hair falls out a lot more now then when I failed to care what was in my merchandise.
One particular of the downsides whilst making use of the curly lady technique is that my hair receives actually oily ALOT more rapidly. I utilised to go two- three times with out it obtaining oily. But now it gets oily, and i have dandruff. I have Never experienced dandruff, and my scalp is itchy. I know its most probably from just employing conditioner. So I purchased some Secure shampoo, with no sulfates or parabens. And am now heading to start off making use of that after probably two times a week.
But this hair reduction is scaring me, I am Attached to my hair. And I want this hair loss the stop.
I want my hair to grow again, and to have thick curly hair again.
It really is not drastic hair reduction… Nevertheless. But it’s gotten alot even worse. And I want to just take action.
What do I do?
Remember to and Thank you!
I’m not stressing really. Other than the fact my hair is slipping out. But not overly stressing. So I do not believe it’s a pressure problem. I can’t use alot of goods, Pantene and Johnsons child shampoo DO have severe chemical substances in them. Thanks for your answers!

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Answer by Tropical Lover
Quit employing the conditioner! You might be almost certainly obtaining an irritated scalp and dandruff due to the fact it is not utilised to that variety of strategy of only using conditioner.

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  1. ShellBells

    hun. just start using shampoo and conditioner.. panteen has a great shampoo and conditioner for curls. and so does treesemee. panteen also has thick hair shampoo and conditioner.. both work 🙂 hope this helps!!

  2. Miss Elaina♥

    Definitely stop using that conditoner and method.
    Go back to using a regular shampoo and conditioner daily.
    Since you have very fragile hair, try Johnson’s baby shampoo. It doesn’t have the harsh chemicals of other products 😀

  3. RawrzillaTheGreat

    Um… then don’t use conditioner to wash your hair. It’s not washing it. It’s just adding more oil. Use Garneir… that stuff is amazing! Next time you read that this and that makes you hair fall out, heed the warnings. It will grow back eventually.

  4. lonelydreamer3

    I’ve been using the curly girl method for about five months and I love it. Even my stylist noticed the difference in my hair. I would talk to a doctor. Hair loss could be an indication of a more serious problem. Don’t automatically blame the conditioner.

    I use Dove Anti-Frizz conditioner and follow with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration.

  5. It’s normal for your hair to become oily faster: it is getting back to it’s natural balance, and the intermediate step is oily hair (which could also cause the hair to fall out, caused not only by the excessive sebum by also by a regularization of the hair cycle).
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