Teenage female hair reduction?

Issue by danielle.: Teenage female hair reduction?
I’m 15 years previous and inside the final thirty day period I have understood my hair slipping out. When I consider showers it ends up in the drain and by the stop of the week theres practically a handful of hair gathered. I am not confident what the hair loss is triggered from.

If anybody understands what it’s brought on from I would genuinely recognize responses.


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Solution by Moriah
There is a amount of issues that can trigger hair reduction.

This internet site tells you all of them: http://www.kidshealth.org/teenager/illnesses_problems/skin/hair_decline.html

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  1. Missions2008

    well some hair loss is normal, but meds can cause it or there’s something called allopecia (sp?) where hair thins…

  2. Are you a vegetarian, if you are that may be the cause. It happened to my friend(age 16) and she started eating meat.

  3. There can be a number of reasons for hair loss… Poor diet, illness, stress,pollution or using a product which does not suit you.
    A normal person loses 80-150 hair everyday. Its natural. Anything in excess of that is not normal.