Teenage Hair Decline?

Question by lilazngurly53146: Teenage Hair Loss?
My sister is seventeen and she is getting rid of hair in such a way that it is obvious and that 1 can see her scalp at a variety of regions atop her scalp. She is generally shedding hair alongside her hair line, and around the again best of her crown. She has noticably been dropping hair for about a year and she has an irregular menstrual cycle. At one particular position, she did not have her period for six months! Also, she is about 10-15 lbs . overweight and although she has been tested for thyroids and poly cystic sydrome (or anything like that)–all of her exams came back regular. She loses a good deal of hair daily and her hair is usually dry and frizzy, however when she goes without showering for even one day, her hair seems actually oily and her hair reduction is even simpler to spot. She used to have thick, prosperous, luscious hair–and now we don’t know what is actually happened. Can anybody assist? She is very insecure about it. Also, her mom appeared to have dropped a little bit of hair about the age of seventeen as well. What to do?

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Response by Tanya
get the vitamin Biotin 1000mcgs….its for pores and skin, hair & nails…it really performs!…But she has to get it everyday and not quit using it

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  1. tell your sister to go for a check up that could be a sign of cancer

  2. missyvixen1217

    Stress will cause hair loss as a teen. Vitamin deficiencies can also cause it. I would say go to a different doctor and see what they say.

  3. hllwy_146

    If your sisters family has a side of hair loss then that could be the problem. If you notice any side of her family with baldness or very thin hair then she will have very thin hair. This is very normal, it happens all the time. Hope my advice is helpful for your sister. You also might want to think about using Tresseme’ or Aussie hair shampoo and conditioner for the whole frizzy and damaged thing. Thanks, ^^^Brandon^^^

  4. Christina Haywood

    A dermatologist could help you with that. They would give you shots in the bald spot areas and prescribe a product that might help.
    My sister used to have a few bald spots, but her hair grew back with the help of shots (the dermatologists assistant will numb the area and you will only feel a little sting for like a sec.) , she uses Womens Rogaine, and for conditioner and shampoo she uses Back to Basics.

  5. Ask your doctor. There’s a disorder called alopesia (sp?) where you lose a lot of your hair.

  6. I use to work for a hair loss clinic here in australia and although female hair loss is uncommon it does happen and hair loss can happen in all ages. Our youngest patient was 17 and went right up to men in there 50’s. Ladies are very insecure about there hair loss. Usually as you are on the right track it is a sign of over active thyroids or poly cystic sydrome. It is normal to lose over 100 hairs a day, but from what you explained she may be loosing to much to be having a receeding hairline. Believe it or not, the male pattern baldness men experience is usually passed on through the mother (thus your mum thinning out). It doesn’t really explain your sister. Do you have any places near where you live that do consultations on hair loss? Where I worked Consultations were free and you got a lot of useful information. For females they may require the blood test results, most likely, thyroid tests, hormone tests, estrogen levels. Take those along with you and her and see what they reccomend. Although using a place like this can be quite costly you may just find out exactly what is the cause. The longer she leaves it the harder repairing it will be.

    I am not sure where you live but if you can get your hands on Saw Palmetto (vitamin) it will reduce the amount of hair falling out.

    Other things to consider – climate (temperature and humidity), shampoo (some weaken your hair), and diet (low iron can make your hair fall out) as well as anorexia, drug usage (some drugs make your hair fall out ie steroids or speed).

  7. Monica Thomson

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