Teenage Hair loss – ought to I put on a wig?

Query by : Teenage Hair loss – ought to I use a wig?

I am an 18 year aged teenager and have been suffering from thinning hair for numerous a long time now. My scalp in which my portion is and a bit in the back has also been showing for many years far too. In the morning when I wake up, hair will be on my pillow and drop on my shoulders. When I run my fingers by means of my hair, I will catch at minimum ten parts of unfastened hair. On typical I loss a hundred+ a day and I have truly minor hair to get started with. Lately I went to a dermatologist and my family physician also identified me with alopecia but they said it would increase back. The skin doctor informed me to acquire Biotin five mg and I have but the condition stayed the identical if not even worse. I also use strengthening shampoo by DCL, as encouraged by my dermatologist. I am in 1 of the lowest periods of my existence right now and have so tiny self esteem because of my balding. I take in rite and all my female cousins have thick and strong hair. I am up to the stage the place I just want to shave off my head and use a wig but I don’t know how a lot that would aid. Everyone keeps telling me you wont go entirely bald, that may be so, but even viewing my scalp and thinning far more is negative enough. How can my hair grow rapidly ample to replace the a lot of misplaced every single day?! What can I do now?

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Solution by Gypsy
i know it sucks but you can nevertheless appear lovely. i have have a pair of female cousins with hair reduction troubles and dude close friends. the guys i know with alopecia just shave their head. guys get off so simple with every thing. but my female cousins experienced it rough although. (most cancers not alopecia but exact same hair loss, ultimately heading totally bald) my minor cousin just wore sweet hats and things but she was fairly young. my other cousin was in her late teenagers/early twenties. she didnt shave her head she just minimize it brief and started out sporting wigs. and she usually appeared so cute. i wouldnt shave it for when the patches start off growing back or if you want to dress in a hat and have some parts hanging out. it stinks but you can look mad cute with distinct wigs and if you have some hair left you can put on sweet hats and people wont even know you have bald spots.

i hope this aided! = )

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