thin eyebrows from alopecia, any way to make them total once again?

Issue by lissa_marye: thin eyebrows from alopecia, any way to make them full yet again?
10 years in the past i got a pores and skin situation named Alopecia Areata, i missing patches of hair on my head, arms, eyelashes and eyebrows, my eyebrows and eyelashes totally went away, my eyelashes are ultimately increasing again (truly brief but theyre again)

nevertheless, my eyebrows are truly thin, not dark like they utilized to be, and really extremely sparse

is there any way to make them expand fuller and thicker (i know thats the opposite of what most women want these times)

assist me, ive had to attract in my eyebrows for 10 a long time and i just want genuine types

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Solution by Lori F
I had that condition twenty a long time ago. I’m not certain how you can get your eyebrows to grow in thicker. I dropped my eyebrows as well, but luckily they grew back the same. I wore a wig for eight months due to the fact I was also selfconscoius about being bald. My hair finished up increasing in white, it utilized to be dark brown. My hair grows really slowly and gradually now, which sucks!!

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