Thinning hair, aid!?

Issue by clio: Thinning hair, support!?
I am a female in my late forties – I have always had extremely fine, straight hair, but I used to have far more of it. I’m dropping it slowly and gradually along the prime and I’d be tearing my hair out more than it if my hairs weren’t so cherished. Why is this occurring and is there Anything I can do about it, quick of shaving my head and wearing bandannas?

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Solution by herekittykittyll
You dont want to dress in bandanas and employees like that on your head all the time. Your scalp needs to breather.. and it may possibly direct to a lot more hair slipping out.
There are special shampoos and hair treatments that can be utilised for men and women in the early phases of hair decline. You can often attempt to get something recommended from your physician also.
Just keep your hair clear, and therapeutic massage your scalp a pair of instances a day (maybe after a shower).

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  1. Well, you could always use rogain or something like that, but I would suggest Mane and Tail shampoo and Conditioner. It makes your hair stronger, and grown longer. Also, the color of your hair might be making it look thinner. My mom has the same problem, but won’t listen to me. I’m a cosmetology student, and through the past year, I’ve learned that darker colors make your hair APPEAR thicker, and lighter colors such as blond and some browns, make your hair appear thinner. Use Mane and Tail and soon you should get pretty good results, and I suggest coloring your hair a darker color.