thinning hair on the sides im 22?

Issue by cali_lady: thinning hair on the sides im 22?
and this began at seventeen…i utilised to always put on my hair in a limited ponytail but i stopped when i seen that it was starting up to pull out the sides of my hiar. im 22 now and its nevertheless so tin. i dont place gel or mouse or hair spray in my hair. i use silk infusion by chi and bio silk which i just lately quit making use of. my hair is normally curly. how can i get it to begin increasing back or am i doomed? i detest it, i really feel so selfconscious about it. you should assist…

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Answer by joiseygrl82
Leave your hair alone! Allow it go organic for awhile and start utilizing shampoo/conditioners with natural vitamins in them. You hair appears like it really is damaged and breaks a whole lot. Vo5 has a great deal of great hair items for destroyed hair too.

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