Thinning Hair vs Alopecia Update [requested]

A lot of have asked for this online video or requested questions about my Alopeica. See additional details under on valuable links and data that aided me when I …
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20 thoughts on “Thinning Hair vs Alopecia Update [requested]

  1. Hi Nalia have you started back taking the spironolactone? I know the
    medication is supposed to have a hormonal effect to reduce the testosterone
    your body is making 

  2. I had a question for you. first Thank you for the information it has been
    helpful. My question is, is the type of alopecia that you have is it
    hereditary or has it been related to some stressful situation in your life?

  3. I’ve been following you for over a year, but this is the first time
    responding. This video, hands down the best informative video on
    alopecia. Thank you. 

  4. I just wanted to ask you if you ever tried Rogaine/minoxidil and what were
    the results if you did. Thx

  5. Great video and very informative. Our stories (& hair type) are almost
    identical. I’ve been seeing a dermatologist for two months. She didn’t
    take a sample of my scalp before giving me injections. I will most
    definitely bring that to her attn at my next appointment in two weeks.
    Thanks for sharing your story! 

  6. Did your scalp itch around the temples? Mine did which was when I first
    started noticing the balding.

  7. Informative video. Thank you for sharing. I also want to say flawless
    make-up. Again well done.

  8. Your hair is so long at the time so no one can ever imagine that you suffer
    from alopecia but with the close up it is pretty surprising. I am glad you
    went pass this stage and your hair recovered. 

  9. Thank you for the video, I am experiencing hair loss as well, did you see
    any progress with the 2nd dermatologist? If so can you
    Give me the information to her location. And what did the she prescribe for
    your hair? Thank you so much.

  10. I don’t know if you already knew this or if it was mentioned in the video,
    but male pattern baldness in women is usually a symptom of PCOS.

  11. sorry for typos in previous comment. Also, if your hair loss is not due to
    alopecia as others comments have stated get your thyroid checked along with
    your hormone levels.

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