Tiny piece of hair is not going to gel down! Hair problem?

Query by Daniela: Minor piece of hair won’t gel down! Hair problem?
Hey absolutely everyone!
I’ve experienced alopecia areata about 6 months back. My hair is commencing to increase back, but now it is about two inches prolonged and it sticks up every time I consider to set it into a pony tail. I’ve experimented with to gel it but it looks to only want to go into a certain direction, it just sticks up much more and more as i use much more merchandise, I’ve also tried out bobby bins, they didn’t function possibly. Any tips on how to keep this stubborn piece of hair into the ponytail? Many thanks!!

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Solution by Sur La Mer
You have obtained alopecia, keep away from pony tails considering that you are making an attempt to increase your hair.

Traction alopecia is hair loss that occurs as a outcome of steady pulling of the hair. Pulling could arise from hairstyles this kind of as limited cornrows, plaits or braids with or without extensions, weaves, ponytails or even hair rollers or curlers. All-natural hairstyles can also guide to traction alopecia as well. Lengthy weighty locks and tightly coiled twists can direct to traction alopecia. The hair reduction associated with traction alopecia normally happens at the frontal hairline, at the temples or the spot of the scalp previously mentioned the ears. It may also arise at the posterior hairline.

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