to what medical doctor do i need to have to go for my hair loss?

Problem by sweetness_n_passion: to what physician do i want to go for my hair loss?
Im a female and nineteen yrs old and I am shedding my hair like ridiculous, i hardly have any any more. I’d like to know what medical professional i need to go to for the therapy of my hair loss. I was thinking of heading to a dermatologist, but what if the issue is not on my scalp? will a skin doctor also perform blood checks to rule out the probabilities of anemia or other bodily motives for my hair reduction?….or will they only study my scalp?

what variety of doctor will carry out tests on me to rule out all the achievable brings about ( blood check and scalp) will a normal common physcian do this or a dermatologist?

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my hair reduction is not only in specified places (im not finding bald places) it’s thinning and falling off from almost everywhere
i experienced this problem ahead of i got expecting but while pregnancy my hair stopped falling so significantly. the hair reduction returned a number of months after childbirth (about three months in the past) and is now worst than actually

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Just go to your standard dr. very first. She/he will be capable to look at you and run the suitable labs in get to figure out if you need to have a expert and which a single to deliver you to if you do.

Just FYI ’cause I’m a massive nerd, here’s a couple of factors that lead to alopecia(hair loss) alongside with other signs and symptoms you may well look at for.

Medicines that cause alopecia: warfarin, heparin, propylthiouracil, carbimazole, lithium, beta blockers, colchicine, & isotretinoin.
-Telogen effluvium: diffuse hair reduction next key tension, large fever, severe bacterial infections, hormone changes, submit-partum.
-Alopecia areata: hair follicles are attacked by T lymphocytes, normally noticed in hyper or hypothyroidism, vitiligo, & down’s syndrome. Characteristics include round places of hair decline & pitting of fingernails.
-Tinea capitis: aka cradle cap, cased by the dermatophyte Trichophyton tonsurans. This infection can lead to scaling lesions on the scalp, patches of hair loss with stubble/damaged hairs, and/or plaque formations with pustules(little bumps that search like pimples).
-Androgenic allopecia: hair loss due to ovarian or adrenal gland dysfunction. Linked symptoms contain deepened voice, clitoris enlargement, alterations in epidermis, reduced breast tissue, & facial hair.
-Lupus erythmatosus: may possibly consequence in diffuse hair reduction/entails the total scalp or only invove the frontal scalp.

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