too much hair is slipping out! im anxious?

Concern by jme718: as well significantly hair is slipping out! im concerned?
okay so i know that it is normal for 100 strands to drop out, and i know that being on birth management has an influence on hair reduction, but prior to i was put on start handle, my hair was falling out by the hand fulls. in the shower, in my brush, when i comb by way of my hair with my fingers, and many others. my hair carries on to tumble out. I mean i have actually thick hair, so its not like i cant spare a number of strands, but this is starting up to fret me.can any individual give me some tips on what hair items to use, or everything? thanks!

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yea – this is the identical problem I had some months in the past. My hair dresser seen it and advised me to quickly go see a skin doctor. Obtained the right therapy and it is on the mend now.

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  1. kmshannon

    You need to check with your doctor about another type of birth control. If that is when you noticed it then you should get your doctor to change you to something else. Several other types of meds will cause hair loss. Ask you doctor. Stress will cause major hair loss. Before you start buying expensive, maybe unnecessary hair products find the cause of the hair loss first.

  2. Are you under stress? Take some vitamins, and brush your hair from the bottom up with a wide tooth comb.

  3. I dont know either:(… when im at school… sweaters will have hair all over it….its horrible!!!……people are like wow are you shedding lol….but yeah……Go to a hair salon and have them give you some tips thats what im gonna do i think…..goodluck=).

  4. My hair does this too. Do you know on average you loose about 60 strands of hair a day? And yours is really thick like mine. My hair dresser says its nothing worry about.

  5. stressed out? that will do it, or too much heat, hair coloring. explore for underlying cause see dermatologist

  6. Vern, Vomo, Ronnie, Vernosia,Ms. V pick one :0)

    1st it could be stress second I would check with your Doctor to see if it is your diet or meds

  7. First, make sure you don’t have any medical problems, such as thyroid cancer, which can cause hair loss. If medical issues are not the cause of your hair loss, I swear by a vitamin called Maxi-hair by Country Life. My hairdresser suggested it after he noticed my hair was thinning. He uses it himself. At first, I thought it was bunk. About 3 weeks into using the vitamin, I started noticing that there was a lot less hair in the shower and on the floor. This product has literally saved my hair. Recently, I recommended Maxi-Hair to a friend who had started to lose more than the usual amount of hair. She literally calls me on a regular bases just to say thanks for turning her on to it. I don’t work for Country Life but I wish I could do a commercial for Maxi Hair. I absolutely love the product. You can find it at Whole Foods and at many health food stores. It’s cheap, so if it doesn’t work out for you, you won’t feel like you have been ripped off. Good luck

    P.S. The vitamins are big and don’t taste that great, so take it with food.

  8. sylvia5482

    Mix a tonic of apple cider vinegar in an 8 oz. glass of water 2 times a day. Makes hair and nails long and strong. Also drink a glass of water every hour that you are awake. Hair needs moisture from the inside. Read about acv on the web. Tons of cures. ACV has over 93 vitamins and minerals.