Traction Alopecia? Hairloss at 13 [ assist !?

Query by maefan.mayhem™: Traction Alopecia? Hairloss at thirteen [ support !?
Very last 12 months i have commenced making use of a hairstraightener together with one particular warmth protection spray.
In about the 2nd semester i began making use of:
-the ‘one’ heat protection spray (not often)
-texturing paste/wax
-hairspray (further maintain)
-heat defense Bedhead (idk what its called xD but its purple :])
-and the hair straightener.

In any case these holidays i’ve been laying off all hair products including the straightener. I have been using the coconut oil treatment method every third working day. Right after about 1 – 2weeks my healthful hair started out falling out (not curly, or lifeless just regular hair). I will not know whether if its from breakage, dryness or that i could have Traction alopecia .

I am heading to see a docter soon.
Baldness from my dad’s side operates in the family.
I am 35kg in fat and i’m turning 14 (i have no ailments, just a fusy eater).
I slumber about 12pm and wake up at 10am -11am (sleeping practices shall modify).

Essentially i am asking if i have Traction alopecia ?
And will chopping my hair shorter do me any far better?

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Reply by supersongbird
What you have is above-toxicity. What ever it is in your body is causing this… maybe in combination with stress but I consider it really is just toxicity. You ought to try out and locate an MD, Homeopath or Naturopath that does hair follicle tests… a good one particular. This way they can detect all toxins and imbalances in the body. No kidding, this is remarkable accuracy and then you can correct what ever is likely incorrect.

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