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  1. Jasmine Rose

    A hair secret I’ve kept hidden for 7 years…

  2. quotidianlight

    This was a wonderful video and I am sure it will help many others. Will
    they need to cut your locs before the surgery or can they it in a way that
    won’t effect them?

  3. Shelia Thompson

    Wow, I never knew, I’m sorry that you have traction alopecia, but I wish
    you well on your implant journey… sometimes we as black people really do
    too much to our hair….I have locks as well, and I just have them styled
    once a month, thanks for this video….. I think I’ll stick to crochet
    styles when doing other people’s hair and my daughters hair,it’s much
    easier and less tension on the hair. Thanks for sharing your story , God
    bless you.

  4. Ingrid Williams

    I’m happy you had the courage to share, but know that you have lots of
    company. I was loced for 7 years (16″ of locs), before cutting it all off
    bald due to thin edges (traction alopecia). Like you I found ways to style
    my hair without showing my edges, but I couldn’t take it anymore I was so
    depressed. Went to countless Dermatologists, one who even told me my
    options were limited here in Kingston, Jamaica, and that I should “just
    live with it”. Fortunately, I kept searching, only to discover a hair
    restoration clinic a half hour’s drive from home! I did 3 months of laser
    treatment and my hair grew back in time for my best friend’s wedding. I was
    thrilled beyond words. Unfortunately, laser treatments are expensive, added
    to which I had a bad experience with a hair color, and my hair fell out
    again (yes, you have to keep up the treatments, altho not as often as
    before) 🙁 ….it was then I decided to cut it all off (last year January
    2014). I tried everything, including castor oil, coconut oil, you name it,
    I tried it. A cousin who is a Dermatologist even gave me free Cortisone
    shots for over 3 months, but no growth…ouch!!! Finally, I heard about the
    Profectiv Growth Renew line of hair restoration products, specifically
    Temple Restoration topical spray. Finally, something affordable that
    actually works. My edges have not completely grown out, but I have seen at
    least 80% growth over the past 6 months. So much so, that I restarted my
    locs, with human hair extensions on January 3, 2015. I’m just sharing so
    that those of you who may have similar issues, yet are hesitant to make the
    investment to do surgery, can give this product a try. The Hair Clinic here
    in Jamaica also does the surgery, but the cost is a mitigating factor. I
    may consider some time in the future, but not right now. I pray the surgery
    was a success Jasmine. ..much blessings. 

  5. It takes courage to be transparent. All the best to you during this time.
    You have my support in your decision. 

  6. Sunny Nights

    You are not alone. Thank you for your courage and honesty.

    I had locs for 13 years and I was guilty of palm-rolling the front and top
    of my hair dry – not wet – and every week, sometimes every few days if a
    special occasion came up. I also wore my hip-length locs down a lot or
    pulled tightly away from my head in a ponytail. No loc bangs, no side
    bangs, no loose updo’s – nothing. Compound that with the fact that I have
    fragile, soft 4a hair.

    Funny, you started your locs in 2007, I cut my locs off the following year
    because of a silver dollar-sized bald spot at the top of my head from me
    over-palm-rolling. My edges were okay but hair above my forehead had
    receded slightly. I really didn’t want to cut my locs. If I had known about
    hair restoration surgery back then, I would have done that. I have been a
    loose natural for seven years and I don’t like being a loose natural,
    anymore. It’s too much work for me, personally (I’m not talking badly about
    any other loose natural; my daughter is a loose natural). My loose natural
    hair did enable me to grow back in the top of my hair but it grew back in
    finer, softer, and slightly thinner than the rest of my hair . . . and kind
    of gray.

    I’ve seen many locked naturals suffering from the same thing.

    You are brave, mature and kind to say you have no one to blame but
    yourself. I like that you didn’t cut off your locs. Although, if you did
    that of course it’s your right and choice. I’d like to add that information
    on how not to thin out your locs is not as popular as advocating
    super-manicured, tightly palm-rolled, tight slick styles because it’s more
    lucrative for salon locticians for you to pay them often. Because of
    YouTube, which was in its infancy during my final year of locing, I’ve
    learned that it’s not necessary to palm-roll so often and I’ve learned
    about loose styles, etc. If you don’t know, you don’t know!

  7. Rachel Marie

    wow. who knew? respect, sister; complete and total respect. i looked back
    at some of your vids and –all i can say is that i (we?) couldn’t tell. you
    are brave for sharing your story. you have my support as i am a long time
    fan. congratulations and i send you warm hugs and wish you all the best.
    ps: i’m on my 4th set of locs. more than 10 years ago i had similar hair
    dramas. i smirked at your ‘white jewish doctor’ experiences. one actually
    told me i was braiding my hair too tightly. when he touched my hair, i
    cringed, as he came at me as if he was touching something nasty. i left his
    office in tears. i finally found a black doctor in brooklyn too! he treated
    me holistically and his remedy was what healed me and brought my hair back.
    i’ll be there during your journey. all the best, sister girl. xxx/ooo
    ~your fan down under

  8. Logan Moorman

    Hi jazz
    I got alopecia areata when i was 7 years old and i struggled for years to
    get it to go away
    Finally when i was 12. It was gone completely. All my hair had grown in.
    Now i am 14 and its back. I have being trying to go to a natural path and
    I’m hoping its going to work again. As a kid i felt like i was the only
    person in thr world who had it. Now that we have social media and stuff,
    its really inspiration to see these kinds of videos.Thank you
    Your so beautiful btw

  9. NaturallyTeeCee

    Sending prayers and blessings your way for a safe procedure and speedy
    recovery. :)

  10. charrece1

    Awwwwe Jas honey, You are sooo beautiful I swear you are! I am soo sorry
    you are having to go threw this. I wish I could give you the biggest hug
    right now my friend, Girl I mean I got tear’s in my ear’s laying down
    watching and listening to your testimony!! Damn I feel so bad that you are
    having to go threw this! ): And I have alot of your video’s about hair and
    yo ish be laid, I would have never guessed. But let me tell you something,
    Traction Alopecia, or not, Sis you are a beautiful person with such a
    bubbly personality, girl don’t you ever for 1 sec let that stop you, you
    hear me!!! I understand you feel you gotta do what you gotta do and if that
    will make you feel better go for it! I send much love, support and a
    shoulder girl, I pray everything goes/went successful, I wish you a speedy
    recovery! Remember God is in control!! Be Blessed Sis! Can’t wait to see
    the new styles you bout to come with! xoxoxo Jazzy Faye Faye!! (:

  11. Niyya Tenee

    You are so amazing and strong and I am beyond proud of you for being so
    open. I have had similar experiences with the dermatologist. One even told
    me he wouldn’t even treat me unless I cut my locs. On top of that, I’ve
    been battling adult acne so the medical expense has been challenging to say
    the least. Needless to say you have my full support. Sending positive vibes
    your way.

  12. Only Sadie

    Candid videos are always appreciated.

  13. djkensgirl009

    I have that issue as well. The word of God says that a woman’s hair is her
    crowning glory. You do what is necessary to save your hair. I’m working
    on mine. The only thing with my thinning temples is there is hair there,
    but it does not grow any longer then finger nail length. The crown is
    filling in, but is very thin and my locs hardly covers it unless I pull
    hair from the back up. I’ve only had my locs for 3 years, but because I
    know that there is help for me, I’m going to do everything in my power to
    save them and not cut them. I’m praying for you and all the other ladies
    who are plagued with this issue… My thing is, I’m not going to let it
    take anything from me, I’m going to beat it and so will you. Nothing beats
    a failure, but a trier… May God’s blessings be upon you in this new hair
    growth journey… 

  14. Alvina Hall

    Thanks so much I’ve been experiencing loss in the hairline and edges for
    awhile seeing video lets me know I’m not the only one hope the restoration
    works for u

  15. Donna Banks

    Jasmine you are a lovely young lady. I was about to cry hearing your
    story. I hope your procedure will be a success so you can get on with your
    life. Stay optimistic.

  16. Thanks for sharing with us! You are beautiful and I think it’s awesome that
    you are going to do something to fix something that you are unhappy with.
    It’s funny because I too watched Destiny Godley’s journey and was amazed by
    her process. Although I don’t have traction Alopecia I never liked my hair
    line. I feel it’s very masculine and I always strayed away from wearing
    styles where my hair is off my face. It’s one of the main reasons I wear my
    hair down all the time. I’m forward to your progress! You definitely have
    my support! 

  17. Karma Alexander

    I have alopecia also. I know how difficult this must have been for you. My
    bald spot is in the crown and thankfully my hair is thick enough so I can
    hide it. But it still bothers me. Glad that you did something about it. I
    am planning to have hair restoration surgery also I am proud of you for
    sharing this journey you would be surprised by how many black women suffer
    in silence. I wish you great results and a speedy recovery. Hugs

  18. jackie thomas

    Thank u for sharing this honey. Please give an update when u can. U are
    truly beautiful!!!

  19. forevermeley

    Your traction alopecia doesn’t take away from your beauty, like you’re
    still one of the best looking girls on youtube. I can’t see the problem,
    but I don’t know much about it, does yours spread? Or is it just that the
    hair there won’t grow back?

  20. George Baltaza

    I am surprised. Argan Life is so much prevailing .

  21. Felesha Williams

    Oh Jazz good luck and all the best!

  22. Shardae Gantt

    Thank you so much for sharing I have the same issue from years of braids
    from braid shops as a child. I am newly locd and tempted to retwist often
    and to retwist tightly. You sharing this has really helped me understand
    why I shouldn’t do that and I am moving forward with my locs but will be
    doing so with more care.

    Sharing this is so empowering and I am so glad that you did and I hope
    freeing yourself of the secret that so many of us suffer from is as
    empowering for you as it has been for me. Wishing you the best through your
    recovery from surgery.