Treatments or shampoo for hair decline?

Query by VinnyLuvR: Cures or shampoo for hair reduction?
Presently going through heaps of hair reduction throughout accutane. Anyone know of a very good shampoo that might make it stop shedding so considerably? Thanks!

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Reply by ♥HoNnEy♥
Try rogaine it performs!

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  1. c_h_u_mm_y

    Try Joico thickening Elixir, which can help transforms fine, limp strands into luxuriously thick hair with noticeably increased body and volume. Hair looks and feels thicker and fuller with more control. Use alone or with other styling/finishing products

  2. Hi VinnyLuvR,

    One remedy you can try out is applying natural oils to your scalp in addition to your regular shampoo & conditioner; there are quite a few out there that are known to help repair hair loss damage and promote growth. Here’s a brief list of some & their effects:

    Basil: Massaging basil hair oil into the scalp helps strengthen follicles and improves scalp circulation, which may trigger hair growth.

    Sage: Using sage as a hair rinse helps darken the hair and delay hair loss

    Bay: By adding three drops of this oil into your shampoo, it not only helps restore dull hair and stimulates hair growth, but also helps resolve the problem of dandruff

    Rosemary: Stimulates hair bulbs to renewed activity, strengthens hair, and prevents premature baldness

    Arnica: Using a hair rinse with arnica extract has been used to treat Alopecia Neurotica

    Amla: From dried amla berries, amla oil helps hair from graying prematurely, prevents shedding and dandruff, strengthens hair, and stimulates hair growth.

    Best of luck to you 🙂

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