twelve months prior to & after online video employing Rogaine / Regaine 5% Minoxidil foam & Nizoral two% Ketoconazole

Click on below for 12 thirty day period images at?v=-4WrOZqs20Q kingdom – A online video to show the outcomes I have experienced from using Rogaine / Regaine five% minoxidil…


  1. Trance Maelstrom

    I started using minoxidil and nizoral when I was 20 and I actually regret
    it… It grew back all the hair I lost, but behind the scenes I was still
    balding since minox + nizoral don’t actually do anything to stop balding,
    so it was masking the problem. 3 years later it got bad again and that’s
    when I started propecia, but I really wish I started propecia when I was 20
    instead of the minox -.-

  2. henry12h

    i´d like to have the money to solve this problem, so for me the best
    solution was to shave all my hair off , that´s it

  3. Marek Majik

    When you bald genetically, androgena alopecia, you basically cannot stop
    it, only slow it. If you but have to stopp using minoxidil or nanoxidil,
    your hair will all fall out so you ahve to use it forever! Sounds scary?
    Yes. Some might say “it is just hair” but we all know, who suffer from
    balding, it isnt that simple to say. Hair means confidence, nontheless, it
    really is just hair. You can shave it, cut it shorter or really short buzz
    cut. To slow hair loss + keep hair healthy, use nettle rinse with honey,
    eat healthy, you can buy stuff like Foligain tablets or other products with
    niacin and biotin. Use argan oil and other oils such ass grape or walnut
    oil to make your hair healthy. You need to understand, all your body
    behavior is reflected in your lifestyle, so diet, sport and scalp massages.
    Your scalp sucks everything in, so oils, especially argan, are benefitial
    and nettle tea rinses and to drink are best to block DHT, so do all oyu
    can. But remember, if you are a guy espcially, the woman needs a mna, not a
    pretty fansy pantsy boy, confidence over all. Dont tell em you havent seen
    a cute girl or woman with a balding or bald guy. I meantion Jason statham
    or Mark Streng here …they dont give a fuck about that…life´s too short
    to be a little bitch, it´s rich, how a ditch can glitch in ya
    pinch…eminem :)

  4. T Johnson

    @HarveyIsTheBoss the product is not just for those who are balding but
    thinning hair as well. There is clear evidence that the gentleman’s hair
    was thinning before the use of the product. After product use his hair is
    much fuller. P.S. lets be kind to one another.

  5. Andy Greekfish

    I been using this for 4 years now, I am to scared to stop using it because
    worried about going thin. the truth is it has done nothing, maybe slowed
    my thinning down a little. The secret is do not wait until its to late, as
    first sign off going thin use it then I guess, as will at least stable the
    loss and thinning. 

  6. funkyrimpler

    Niz made my scalp really dry and flakey and made loads of hair fall out
    from the front.

  7. Cemil Cırrık

    Ppl, how can you expect it to stop hairlose problem forever, while your
    body keeps releasing hormons every second? If something stops it
    permanently, beware it or it breaks the balance of your body…

  8. Isaac Litman

    I want to make sure I get the right products with no room for error, can
    you link me to the two products that you use, and add them to the
    description please?

  9. you weren’t bald to start with you lying shit. Fuck you.

  10. James Carman

    Just curious, does anyone know the age of this person in the video?

  11. Daniel Eccles

    Really awesome results. I just got my minoxidil in the post and will be
    following the same regimen as you, but I’ll be using a lasercomb too.
    Fingers crossed they work…

  12. gretscher

    Went to see a friend of mine that I have not seen in about a couple of
    months. Only see him every couple of months or so. He asked about my hair.
    He said it looks like it’s growing back. He asked how this could be and I
    explained it was Rogaine. I use the generic Walmart label called Equate
    brand. I also use Nizoral. That reminds me, I have to buy some more. I
    told him more than a year ago to try out Rogaine. This was before I got
    results from it. It was when I first started using it but he didn’t lisson.
    Now about a year or so later I have the results to prove it and now he
    heeds to my suggestion to use Rogain. Now he is serious about trying it
    out. I feel a a thicker head of hair on my head. It’s not full like it was
    prior to MPB but it is significantly more full than before I started to
    care for my hair with Rogaine and Nizoral. 

  13. rana sena

    minoxidil just slows down the process of thinning …. but the guy in video can he regain all the hair lossed ???
    just think before the using of any medicines and read the reviews 

  14. Kyuh pepperx

    Hi can you give me some tips which is better to revitalizes hair loss? The
    rogaine or kirkland? and how many percentage should i used? im 20 years old
    and im a male, Thanks its a big help for me

  15. Anshuman Singh

    Congratulations…do you still have to apply rogaine or not ? And, how did
    you managed to apply just 1 ml of it all over your head ? Reply soon…. 

  16. DeathAwaitsYou

    hahaaaa his hair is so THICK he cant even comb it anymore hahahahhaha