Unexpected Hair Reduction in Youthful Woman! Aid!?

Issue by zazazazal: Sudden Hair Loss in Youthful Female! Aid!?
I am a 20 y/o female. I’m possessing this sudden hair loss problem for practically 2 months.
I did straighten my hair 2 months back, but the hair decline prob came like a thirty day period soon after the hair straightening. It arrived right right after I attempted this Sasha short term hair dye thingy in a can. I only used it once. The hair reduction happened like three hours soon after I utilized the hair dye when i scratched my head and five-6 hairs came off. This prob happen whenver I operate fingers via my hair or brush my hair.
Help! It truly is not clear as my hair still appear normal but I am involved and I don’t locate hairs all above the ground convenient. I’ve started using individuals anti-hairfall shampoos
What is mistaken with my hair? 🙁 I am not that stressed but now I am ‘cos of this prob. My sleeping pattern is not genuinely structured as well. Anybody who experienced this prob b4 can share answers? What about authorities?
Thankss 🙂

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Response by Amber T
well its healthier to get rid of 100 hairs a day and if its way a lot more than that you could go to the doctor .

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  1. You should go see a your doc,
    I have loading alot of hair too.
    Maybe our diet isn’t healthly.
    I have stop using my straightener.
    Look up it up on.
    See a specialist.

  2. This happened to me as well, and I panicked and asked my hair stylist about it. If your hair is falling out at the root, it could just be your hair’s natural cycle. She also said that it’s possible to go through phases of hair loss/darkening as you get older. If it’s breaking off, it’s just damaged and you have to wait for it to grow back out.