vitamin d deficiency and hair decline…help!?

Query by Melissa P: vitamin d deficiency and hair decline…help!?
i’m 31 many years outdated and have three excellent sized bald places on my head, and the rest of it is quite slender. my ponytail now is the measurement of one particular of my pigtails ten a long time back. i was analyzed and was located to have a important vitamin d deficiency. where levels are typically fifty-80, mine is seventeen. i am using 50,000 models twice a 7 days as prescribed by my doctor and will be examined once more in a number of months. my query is this: when my vitamin d is well balanced out, will the hair expand back again?

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Response by CCNG
If your hair decline was thanks to Vit D deficiency, then as soon as your blood stage is in the typical range, the hair situation should also turn out to be thicker.

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  1. i’d say go see your Doctor & find out all the details & how to fix it.

  2. Tonya in TX - Duck

    It depends. My Dad had a severe case of alopecia but when his stress went away (he learned to deal with it), his hair grew back. I have a thyroid problem and my hair is thinning. Mine will never grow back because the place where the hair exits the head is damaged and can not be repaired or fixed.
    I know those are not cases dealing with vit D deficiency, but it does illustrate how hair will regrow with some and not with others. Ask your doc, he should know.