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Emu Oil Pure Premium Australian – Powerful Skin and Hair Moisturizer

  • Australian natural emu oil
  • Packaged in dark bottle to preserve all bioactive ingredients
  • Featured in InStyle Magazine as Charlize Theron’s favorite beauty product
  • Excellent skin moisturizer and hair conditioner

Emu Oil 4 fl.oz. Emu Oil is a traditional Australian Aboriginal medicine and natural skin and hair moisturizer. It is recognized as complementary medicine by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia (TGA) for the treatment of burns, wounds, bruises, as ointments for dry cracked heels, for reducing scar formation in healed burn wounds, and as a pain reliever for bone, muscle, and joint disorders. Our emu oil is fully refined and contains all natural ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6. Please note that some producers sell a manufactured emu oil that has been clarified. This clarification process eliminates some of the most active ingredients of the product. Our emu oil is milky whit

List Price: $ 18.60

Price: $ 18.60

This video explains interesting facts about how hair grows and its life cycle. You will also learn how to know if your hair loss is normal or if you should see your doctor. Hair loss and thinning hair can be temporary symptoms caused by changes in our lives and hormones, or it can be due to hereditary and genetic factors such as pattern baldness.. This video will help you learn the difference and how you can make corrections in your lifestyle to have beautiful healthy hair. This is a comprehensive two-part video, so please be sure to watch both parts.Please remember to subscribe because I have so much more to come; something helpful and of interest to everyone. Thanks so much for viewing! To visit me at my blogspot, please click here: www.youtips4u.blogspot.com To purchase a YouTips4U custom-designed T-Shirt please click here: cgi.ebay.com

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  1. T. Mcsweeney
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A potent high quality emu oil, November 7, 2009
    T. Mcsweeney (Danville, CA United States) –

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    This review is from: Emu Oil Pure Premium Australian – Powerful Skin and Hair Moisturizer (Health and Beauty)

    I have used emu oil before and I’m a big fan! Yes, it really does moisturize skin and hair like no other product. I massage it into my scalp and leave it on overnight a few nights a week…after shampooing it out in the morning,my scalp feels stimulated all day. The hair is moisturized and shiny. On skin , you can’t beat this product for smoothing out scars and imperfections. GREAT STUFF . The emu oil that this company sells is high quality and absorbs quickly into the skin. The color of this oil is very telling of it’s quality. This one has a pale creamy translucent consistancy and is oderless ….this indicates it’s purity and high grade. The darker the oil the lower the grade.

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  2. 32 of 32 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Amazing stuff! A miracle!, February 4, 2010
    Nina (Los Angeles, CA) –

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    This review is from: Emu Oil Pure Premium Australian – Powerful Skin and Hair Moisturizer (Health and Beauty)

    I heard about this product from the reviews on […] and gave it a try. Well, it’s a miracle product! It is a great moisturizer for skin and hair. I used it as a treatment on my face and it took away my dry skin overnight. I used it in my hair and it took away the frizz. It’s also the first product I’ve ever used that actually cured my psoriasis. I’ve been using a steroid from the doctor that’s starting to lose its effectiveness, and I wanted to try something natural. I’ve tried every natural remedy out there but this is the first thing that actually worked. I love this stuff!

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  3. Loving Daughter
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great, August 14, 2010

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    This review is from: Emu Oil Pure Premium Australian – Powerful Skin and Hair Moisturizer (Health and Beauty)

    I bought my dad this emu oil because I heard it stimulates the hair follicles and helps grow hair. Within two weeks, my dad saw results and his scalp looks fuller. All of his friends and our family has noticed this big improvement. Some people thought my dad got hair restoration surgery!

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  4. YouTips4U

    Hi, you should have your blood retested to see if you still need to be taking iron tablets. You may have built your iron stores back up and no longer need them.

  5. TrueWish83

    hi, the Dr sent me for a blood test n then put me on iron tablets, its been over a year now.

  6. YouTips4U

    Hi, you don’t mention what the doctor said may be causing this. Did he/she give you a diagnosis?

  7. TrueWish83

    Hi, thank u for ur usefull information. i really have an hairloss problem and look for any possible help, ive spent hundreds of £sss n still not helped. my hairline is getting bigger n im getting patches at the front which really lowers my confidence level, i try to cover it up with a fringe but still dnt feel good. im 28 yrs of age by the way. ive tried taking multivitamins tablets daily, been to the Drs n kind of giving up hope now… could u plzzz help me? thank u.

  8. squeekie562

    I was losing hair recently and it was because my doctor was I wasn’t eating right and I needed vitamins so I started taking “Mega Food 100% whole food” and they have so many vitamins and such and it really helped 🙂

  9. loseweightyesterday

    Kevis patented solution has undergone successful clinical testing and has received United States and European patents. Kevis hair care products have been available in the United States for over 10 years and in European dermatological and pharmaceutical professional circles for even longer. We hope you enjoy learning about our successful hair rejuvenation programs and products

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  10. YouTips4U

    Hi, unfortunately, you will have to be patient for a while and let it grow. To help it grow and stay healthy, be gentle with it by limiting heat styling and any hair style that may cause breakage so you don’t have to trim it too frequently. Also keep the ends conditioned to help prevent split ends and breakage.

  11. hi. i am a 12 year old girl with hairloss….actually i cut my hair really shirt underneath…and it’s by my neck…. i want it to grow back b4 school starts…plz help me…. there’s not barely a hand full of hair on my left side.. all myhair is on the rite side….i do not want exstentions,tho….

  12. YouTips4U

    Hi Nancy, one of the side effects of going on the pill can be hair loss. The pill causes a shift in your hormones and since hormones control hair growth it can be affected. Please know that 50 hairs a day is not abnormal, in fact it is well below average.

  13. girlienancy

    Hi there, I have been losing hair since April and I find it mainly in the bathroom but even though it’s only about 50 or so hairs a day it is a lot mire than usual and my hair feels very thin and sift. I am 53 and have been kn the pill for 1 yr now since HRT doesn’t agree. Can it still be menopause even though I’m on the pill? I might go for a thyroid test, if it is thyroid will it grow back with proper meds? Thsnkyou in advance Nancy

  14. YouTips4U

    Hi, as long as it is not pulling on your hair, it should be o.k. If you feel that it puts tension on your roots, then I would avoid them. Keratin in the protein found in your hair and it is the latest craze for treatments. My recommendation if you want to do a protein treatment for your hair is to use egg. It’s natural and works great – no chemicals. Please go to my blogspot for a great recipe.

  15. joycie62591

    hi, first of all my english is not very good but ill try because i really need help :S my hair tips gets damage very fast , they become very dry and they break easily. i thought that it was because i used to use bons , (i think thats how they are called) so i decided to cut my hair and remove all the damage and stop making myself bons and leave my hair in a normal ponny tail BUT it still happening 🙁 help plz

  16. bodnarova05

    I am wondering whether clip-in hair extensions could also cause hair fallout. I have been trying to grow out my hair but I occasionally wear extensions. Also, would you recommend getting a keratin treatment for healthier hair?Thanks so much , I love your videos 🙂

  17. YouTips4U

    Hi, hair growth patterns is genetically determined and also affected by lifestyle. So both come into play.

  18. YouTips4U

    Hi, you hair can thin due to breakage if your hair is dry as well. Having a dry scalp will not cause hair to thin or it to fall out. I recommend that you use a moisturizing conditioner for your hair and massage your scalp with jojoba oil to help relieve the dryness and itching.

  19. Artsygirl71

    Hair length is genetically pre-determined, correct? Say for example one person can grow hair to their waist, while another person can only grow their hair shoulder length. Would you agree?

  20. ColombianaXO7

    Can your hair thin/not grow/fall out if your scalp is dried and you itch it a lot?

  21. YouTips4U

    Hi, you want to create some volume to cover up the thinning. You can do this first by getting a cut that layers your hair in the crown area as with layered bangs or you can have long bangs. Also, blow dry your hair upside down to enhance volume. You may also want to consider getting highlights. Highlights create volume because they cause the hair shaft to swell. Speak to your stylist and tell him/her what you are trying to achieve. They can be very effectively placed for enhanced volume.

  22. nancydrew5

    @akamissrubytuesday “”trim your ends every 6 weeks to keep your hair healthy.””
    In an earlier statement on this very thread, you said this which perpetuates that myth of hair’s health is dependent upon keeping the ends trimmed when it really isn’t. This is what I’m talking about. Trimming ends merely makes hair look neater and maintains a style it has nothing to do with making hair healthy. It’s only for appearance.I really wish stylist would clarify this and stop telling this lie.

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