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Your Hair Health – Causes and Remedies for Your Hair Loss

A person’s mane is considered his or her crowing glory. But once a person experience hair loss, this is no longer the case. Majority of the people who are going through this problem cannot help but feel shame once they pass through this certain stage.

Many of them try to conceal it using wigs or many undergo through medical treatments and process such as hair transplants in order to bring back their so-called “crowning glory.” Although it is quite inevitable to feel shame once one experiences hair loss, this should not prevent him or her to lose self-confidence totally.

People—regardless of their age, gender or status—can experience hair loss due to several factors. If you are one of those who are experiencing this pr

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NBC TODAY SHOW investigates the new genetic test for hair loss. Men and women can now assess their risk for hair loss at an early stage. More info on treatements and diagnostic procedures on South Florida Today (NBC), live in the studio.
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  1. mish3lovic

    17 yeard old and more than 50% of the hair on the top of my head is gone:) fml

  2. guitar20063

    Doctor Alan Bauman. How many more years do you think it will take before we find a cure for male pattern baldness? Are we close?

  3. Is it still possible to go bald if you have a receding hair line even if you have had it since you were born?

  4. alanbauman

    @Novemberrain81 No need to loose sleep! For our patients, taking the test actually alleviates the ‘worry’ because there are FDA-approved, effective preventative treatments for hair loss that can be started before the hair loss is noticeable. If you are ‘high risk,” you can also choose to “watch and wait” because there are ways to carefully monitor for the very early signs of hair loss–holding off on treatment until it becomes a concern. –Dr. B.

  5. Novemberrain81

    So you take this test and it says “You are going bald”. Congratulations!!! Now you can spend endless nights staying up worrying about baldness even though baldness might be 20 years away.

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  7. hindoya22

    i’m losing my hair aboyt 6 years ago…and now i’m do’n a treatment for 6 months use’n diff. products every 2 weeks (that what my doctor said that i have to do)…and the last 2 months he use’d the mesotherapy…but i can’t see any change on my scalp…do you think that i should go on with this treatment or should i try sumthn more useful..and if there is any other product may help, would u tell me what is it and how should i use it?!…thanks..
    from egypt

  8. alanbauman

    Genetic hair loss testing, if indicated, is performed as part of your medical evaluation–which includes a detailed medical history and examination. The test is non-invasive and the results come back within just a few weeks. When you visit baumanmedical-dot-com and request a consultation, be sure to ask about the genetic test to assess hair loss risk.

  9. hey so where can i order one of these tests? or is there like an specific place i can get a diagnose??

  10. alanbauman

    Jerry, Side effects can occur even at 2%, but honestly, it’s VERY rare. I think people are more likely to run into ‘issues’ if they try to self-treat. When you are under the care of a physician, he can monitor for the effects–good and bad, and make changes accordingly. What works for one person, may not work for another—that’s the art of medicine!

  11. alanbauman

    Actually, we know that male pattern hair loss is directly related to genetics, which determines how sensitive your hair follicles will be to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Other factors like protein-poor diets, ‘crash’-diets, smoking, steroid use and stress can contribute, but it’s primarily genetic in men. Effective medical treatment is available. The earlier you start treatment, the better your chance of saving your hair.

  12. SimplyLatino

    this is stupid, hair loss is very much based on your diet, u eat a lot of oils, fats, sugars u will start loosing hair now combine that with stress u will start losing lots of hair, yes in part it does go with genetics. NONE of my family is bolt or has grey hair at old age, my father is almost 70 still has black hair. but me i am start to loose my hair, maybe because of my poor diet while in the struggle and life in the jungle 🙁

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