What advice would you give your more youthful cousin?

Question by A: What guidance would you give your youthful cousin?
They have had a great deal of bad issues happen to them and they say they feel vacant inside of and like they are just likely through the motions of daily life. They’ve had the following come about: rape, violent mentally ill brother, alopecia, severe acne breakouts, massive credit card debt since of university, mother’s an alcoholic, father still left before they were born. You know your young cousin and feel they are cultural expertise could use improving (i.e. they are genuinely peaceful and Quite reserved). It’s at times difficult to have a discussion with them. They will not have any real pals the deficiency of cultural capabilities could be it. They also smell at times.

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Reply by Scott
I would suggest they have a Bible study, quantity 1,

Variety two, stimulate them to study the Bible for ease and comfort and energy,
Psalms 103 is really useful. Allow them know that God cares and values them, that they nevertheless have really worth in God’s eyes and that God can aid us to treat emotionally. it is great to know that negative factors do occur to very good individuals. Ebook of Work 1,2. And that we can recover.

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