What advice would you give your young cousin?

Concern by A: What suggestions would you give your younger cousin?
They’ve experienced a whole lot of bad issues happen to them and they say they really feel vacant within and like they’re just planning by way of the motions of life. They have had the subsequent occur: rape, violent mentally unwell brother, alopecia, significant acne breakouts, large debt since of faculty, mother’s an alcoholic, father remaining before they ended up born. You know your more youthful cousin and believe they’re cultural capabilities could use enhancing (i.e. they’re really tranquil and Extremely reserved). It can be often difficult to have a discussion with them. They do not have any real close friends the lack of cultural expertise could be it. They also odor often.

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Answer by Lucy
You need to have to notify an adult or a person like your mum since all of these issues you mentioned previously mentioned are not right. Your cousins might require counseling and treatment for all the physiological trauma they have had. And is it really shocking that they smell, i doubt they have any funds to shell out for very hot drinking water
if they are in financial debt and there mother is a alcoholic, i do feel as an alternative of putting up this on right here why not go to your mum and inform her?! DO Something

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