What are attainable ailments for cats that have goopy eyes, hair decline, lethargy, and actions modify?

Question by Katy Flor: What are possible illnesses for cats that have goopy eyes, hair loss, lethargy, and habits alter?
My friend’s cat is a five 12 months previous Siamese. He has goop in his eyes, hair loss around his head, neck, and again. He has been performing lethargic and as my pal explained “He’s just not performing the very same.” I do not know what to do and she doesn’t have the cash to take him to the vet.

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Reply by emma
It sounds like your cat could have felv feline leukemia virus. I would advise taking you cat tp the vet appropriate away to get it examined. If have other cats hold this cat away right up until u know what is actually wrong with it. I genuinely hope this is not the situation as there is no remedy excellent luck and I hope your cat will get better

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