What are genuinely very good hair oils for hair loss?

Problem by drakani: What are genuinely great hair oils for hair decline?
I seen my hair is getting truly slim. I do not treatment about softness or shine, just hair loss. And also how prolonged will it get to begin doing work?

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Reply by Ammaly S.
any organic and natural further virgin olive oil! cooking olive oil performs to!

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  1. Go to Sallys Beauty and hair supplys. They sell these vitamins and they also have shampoo and conditioner. I bout the vitamins the nextbday after i got my hair done and i used them for 1 week. My hair grew about the size of my thumb nail. I stopped taking them because my hair is blonde and i dont want to waste money dying my hair every two weeks.
    So i highly recommend this product for you if you want long and thick hair.

  2. Mukunda M

    Shampoos and other hair products have been found to be a main cause of hair fall and hair loss. Do a Google and you will see that.
    Go also to this site Skin Deep Cosmetic Database – it’s a totally independent, unbiased tester of cosmetic, skin care and hair products and has tested many thousands of shampoos and other hair products and rates them. Many popular ones such as Herbal Essences, Pureology Sunsilk Herbal Essences Garnier Fructis were found to have countless hair, scalp and even health harming harsh and toxic ingredients.
    You can use the Database to find OTHER brands of shampoos and other hair products that were found in tests to be non or only minimally hazardous. They are the ones you should buy

    Just switching to totally safe shampoos will certainly stop the loss. However; I have learned from personal experience that harmful ingredients do not only cause hair loss but also then cause the hair ducts to be blocked and thus prevent regrowth. This happened to me in my early twenties and the only way I found to unblock them and get new growth was to massage with pure natural oils(extra virgin olive oil or coconut or almond are good) into scalp and then brush with a palm held pure boar bristle hair brush(1/2” long bristles). You can see them on Amazon. See more detailed information in this question/answer. “Am I going to go bald?”asked by Douglas

    Try it and you WILL get the same healing of scalp damage and new growth as I did. My hair quickly and fully regrew and I have had full head of healthy and well anchored hair for many years

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