What are great gels, grease, hairspray that wont make your hair tumble out?

Question by Malkavian Jeff: What are good gels, grease, hairspray that wont make your hair fall out?
I need to know any hair product(s) that gives me street punk liberty spikes that’s not (or less) harmful to my hair.

Currently I use a mixture of L.A. looks gel and Axe hair grease, but my hair seems to thin a little when I use that combination.

Any suggestions?

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Answer by here2help
Use Got2B. Got2B works very well, smells very well, and is sold at a reasonable price. Grease isnt good for your hair, and combining them is not either. This is because combining & using alot of different products on your hair damages your hair, and damaged hair = hair loss. So i sugggest using Got2B or you can use products that are good for you hair, or are made more naturally. Or simply not combine. Hope I helped!

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