What are ideal multi-natural vitamins for Girls, esp for hair?

Issue by Zoya: What are very best multi-nutritional vitamins for Females, esp for hair?
How could I choose what is the greatest multivitamin for females, who endure from hair loss and exhaustion. Make sure you I want an recommend from a Medical doctor to inform me what is ideal, “Perfectil” for hair and nails- or Nourishment for your hair or Natural vitamins for your hair.
– Efalex (for mind and eye): does it really improve the eye and mind- esp for those who use the pc for lengthy

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Reply by Leeloo Dallas
I like a product named “night time & slender”
Is a syrup that burns your keep body fat whilst you happen to be sleeping
furthermore nourish hair and nails
in addition had collagen that tends to make you skin a lot more limited elastic!!!

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  1. Hello,

    I just seen my doctor yesterday and I asked her what I could do for my hair because I think more is falling out than should be….I know everyone loses a certain amount of hair a day, but mine is a lot! I’m only 23 too…..The doctor told me that just a really good multi vitamin (ask pharmacist for help) would be great for my hair…..anything with zinc and magnesium is good….and some B vitamins…..eating high protein foods can help too since your hair is basically protein……low fat foods….a good diet…..As far as efalex I’m not sure…..I don’t know much about that…..call your doctor and make an appt just to talk to him/her….I’m sure they can let you know everything you need to take for your over all physical well being! GOD BLESS!

  2. While I have never used Efalex but for hair and nail growth, Vitamin E and protein has always worked well for me. As for exhaustion, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C are good for combating fatigue, especially due to PMS.

    I found some other excellent information on other vitamins just for women in the following article: http://womans-health.net/vitamin-woman-should-take.htm I think you can find some other vitamin sources that you might give a try. Hope that helps!