What are possible brings about for random bruising?

Question by SkittleCat: What are possible causes for random bruising?
I have been experiencing the following: spontaneous bruising, hair loss, fatigue, sensitivity to cold and my nails are flaky sort of and are changing in the way they grow… I’m not sure how to describe that part though…
What are different possibilities as to what can be causing this(nutritional, hormonal etc)? I’m not on any medications that can cause this and I’m only 17. I know this doesn’t substitute going to a doctor but I have to wait a couple of weeks for my appointment because he’s very busy.

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Answer by purselect
WOW! your only 17 and your experiencing this…definitely, don’t cancel that appointment with the Dr. Something is definitely wrong my friend. Are you anemic?

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  1. drachnid w

    Nutritional deficiency is a possibility that comes to mind (eg. iron, vitamin C, B12, etc). While waiting to see the doctor, start taking a multivitamin (one that includes iron) and see if it helps. It doesn’t sound like a hormonal problem to me, but I’m not a doctor.