What are some early signs of male sample baldness (hair loss)?

Query by Naira: What are some early signs of male sample baldness (hair decline)?
I am 18 a long time old and the back of my top/back again of my head (hairline location) is a minor irritated.

Hair loss runs in my household, so I just want to know when to start off undertaking something about it.

My dad stated that he commenced enduring the identical irritation as I am now when he first began to lose hair, so that is why I am worried.

Would that irritation be a symptom? What are some other symptoms?

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  1. Six Forks

    I never had any irritation. It just started not coming in as much. Then less and less hair grew. I now shave it, and don’t care about being bald. The only “symptom” I know about is that fewer and fewer hairs fully mature. Eventually they stop growing. You either accept that, or spend thousands and thousands of dollars to “treat” it.