What are some great “hair & nail” vitamins (hair reduction)?

Query by Asking yourself: What are some great “hair & nail” nutritional vitamins (hair loss)?
i am not balding both or anything like that… its just i drop a good deal in the shower, and when i brush my hair. But this has usually happend to me even when i was tiny.

Some one told me to try out some nutritional vitamins, and that it may be from not eatign effectively so really should i get a muti-vitamin and a hair and nail vitamin or just one?

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Solution by jenniferevans32
you can get any multi vitamin and it will operate
it isn’t going to have to be for hair and nails but just some thing with every little thing in it and consume far better since that is probably the dilemma

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  1. Try fish oils. Are you sure it is not your hormones acting up?

  2. You are going to laugh when you read this, but I am totally serious.
    Go to the drugstore and buy some PRENATAL vitamins… I’m not kidding! Your hair and nails will get so thick and long after about
    3 to 6 weeks of them……… good luck!

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