What are some methods to reduce your testosterone amount?

Question by Anna Ranger: What are some approaches to decrease your testosterone amount?
Most girls have a modest quantity of the testosterone hormone however the amount in my physique is irregular. What are some natural methods to reduced my testosterone stage? What are some non-normal methods? Thanks!

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Response by Melanie Do
I have the exact same problem and I’m on spironolactone to lower the testosterone degree and yasmin to counteract some of the signs of the increased stage. If you ever want to get expecting I would very suggest seeing an individual who has knowledge diagnosing and dealing with polycystic ovarian syndrom (PCOS). It isn’t going to suggest you have cysts, but is particularly a large degree of testosterone and a couple other elements. I am not certain of all-natural methods, but a dr. might have some.

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  1. * Stay out of the sun.
    *Drink soy milk.
    *Drink alcohol.
    *Get less sleep

  2. Post Girl

    Taking an anti-androgen medicine will reduce the effects that testosterone has on you. I would strongly suggest getting regular blood tests though if you take this route.

    All the drugs listed can have damaging & unwanted side effects. If you fail to get checked on a regular basis, you could permanently damage your body.

    If you are diagnosed as having PCOS, there are plenty of useful places on the web where you can find a lot more useful information than I have placed here.

    I would also recommend that you find out why your body is producing high levels of testosterone if you do not have PCOS. There are several conditions that I can think of. Some are related to chromosome issues and will require careful diagnosis & specialist treatment.

    I’ve listed some popular drugs used to suppress the androgen levels (including testosterone) below.

    Androcur (Cyproterone acetate) was banned in the USA because it was used to chemically sterilise men, but will do this job effectively.

    Casodex (Bicalutamide) prevents testosterone from binding to any receptors in the body but again is not recommended for women.

    Proscar (Finasteride) is very effective for reducing one particular for of an androgen that affects hair-loss in men. There are some other side effects too and it is not recommended for women.

    Spironolactone creates a lot of work for the liver and does require an increase in fluid intake.

    Prostap & Zoladex will also reduce your estrogen levels so should not be used in your case.

    I suspect that you will require only small doses of these drugs. Each comes with some side effects and thorough research is required before you embark on taking any of them. I have listed some useful sites below to help with researching the side effects of the drugs that I have mentioned above.

    I am not a medical professional. My personal life has caused me to become interested in the above medications.

    Edit: Alcohol can actually increase the levels of testosterone in your body whilst you are drinking & getting drunk.

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