What are some steps I can get to prevent hair decline, commencing proper now?

Concern by Greg S: What are some actions I can just take to stop hair decline, beginning correct now?
I’ve seen a terrible thinning of my hair and a receding hairline, I’m 19 years aged, and I am asking yourself about how a lot it would price and what I can do to fight hair decline, commencing right now.

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Response by Jay
There are only two Food and drug administration approved therapies correct now, propecia (finasteride) and rogaine (minoxidil), even so some dermatologists will proscribe Avodart (dutasteride) as an off-label remedy.

Most other goods don’t function, and there are many. You can get finasteride for significantly less than $ 5/thirty day period proper now by going to Dr. Reddy
Buy the standard fina, and minimize the 5mg pills into smaller sized doses. Any very good hairloss message boards will inform you the tricks. Then go to a drugstore and decide up a bottle of generic minox, five%. Good luck.


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  1. There are some healthy shampoos out there that will slow down this process if you can not afford a dermatologist. Check the shampoo section for the formulas for men. Also check out some websites for thinning hair.
    IF you live near a health food store, they have some natural remedies to try.

  2. GottaGoToGalveston

    You could try a hair growth treatment..they sell them at places like pharmacies and even Walmart.

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