What are some ways I can stimulate hair development?

Question by Demonica: What are some approaches I can promote hair expansion?
I was in an accident a couple of weeks in the past and took a hit to the aspect of my head so I had to shave my hair off. I have alopecia so it isn’t really really rising back rapidly, and in some regions it’s increasing 4 occasions more rapidly than in other people so it looks like I have bald spots.

I am currently getting Biotin and utilizing some unique shampoos and conditioners. I am not truly seeking to buy everything, just some tips to support it alongside. I am also massaging my scalp every day, but I was instructed if I therapeutic massage it too often that it will make my hair fall out. So how typically really should I?

Any helpful suggestions are appreciated =]

Best solution:

Reply by sports activities_lady_4life
Keep your head upside down daily for thirty seconds
Therapeutic massage scalp every day
Retain your hair nutritious and moist
Try to eat healthy and physical exercise
Dont put a lot of merchandise on hair

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