What are some wholesome foodstuff for teenage girls?

Issue by savannah: What are some healthful food for teenage women?
I have been losing a lot of hair these days. I consider it really is simply because of my deficiency of nutrition. What are some foodstuff that would support? Or vitamins? I have the teenager one particular a working day capsules, but i am not certain if that would support my hair decline?

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Solution by originalnumber9
Fish oil pills

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  1. stephanie.kittykat

    Strange, my hair is falling out too but my doctor thinks it could be a problem with my thyroid or parathyroid. You should have your doctor check them out.

  2. Amanda Lynn

    ~fruit salad with cinnamon
    ~whole wheat pita bread and hummus
    ~low-fat milk, cottage cheese, and yogurt
    ~VEGGIES. tons.
    ~veggie sandwich on whole wheat bread
    donèt forget to have a treat once in awhile

  3. leah Pistou

    There are certain vitamins that help promote the growth of hair in the body. Changing to a healthier diet is vital not only for hair growth but also for the general well being of your body.

    Some of the most important include:

    – Essential Fatty Acids

    – The B Vitamins

    – Antioxidants

    – Sulfur

    – Zinc

    But vitamins and diet are only one part of it, you should also consider adding excercise and hair loss products into your hair growth solution.

    There’s more detail regarding the vitamins and the hair growth stategy in the source link below:

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