What are the best goods for treatment method of a flea allergy in cats that you can purchase at a retailer?

Issue by sam: What are the ideal items for treatment of a flea allergy in cats that you can purchase at a keep?
I know that i will have to get something that will repel fleas and get rid of them, what would be the very best merchandise for that? And also, what is a good topical treatment to lessen the itching and and aid the hair reduction and and scabs?

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Response by DROOLZ Great
You require possibly Frontline or Advantage. The other inexpensive things at the shops is crap and does not perform.

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  1. care_bear_baby1

    Get her some Frontline and the fleas & scabs should go away. Don’t use store brand flea treatments, they can kill a cat.

  2. Advantage. But don’t buy anything from any place like Walmart or Target. Vets have the best thing. The stuff they sell at the store is weak and washes away to easy. and can cause skin irritation. Also Get a quality flea Shampoo the cat may not like it but give them a bath with it.Or have a groomer or vet give them a bath.

  3. donny_tillx

    For the fleas, you need a cat flea shampoo. If your cat is allergic to fleas, consult your vet immediately. About the scabs, put some neosporin or triple antibiotic on them and they should heal fast. Also consult your vet about the itching. He/she could have some medicine that stops itching. Also you could get an Elizabethan Collar it’s a cone that goes around their neck to stop them from itching. Best of luck with your cat! To see an Elizabethan Collar on a cat go to this link:
    Sorry the link is so long but that’s a cat with an Elizabethan Collar and he cannot itch himself now.. Also the brand of cat shampoo I use on my cats is:

    Sergeant’s Skip-Flea & Tick Shampoo for cats
    (details-Kills Fleas, Ticks & Lice_Adds lustre & groomability to cat’s coat) It also has two orange tabby cats one is the mom and a kitten playing with a purple ball of yarn. They are on grass. The shampoo is pink when you look inside.