what are the brings about and therapies for itchy scalp with hair reduction?

Concern by tcouther003: what are the leads to and remedies for itchy scalp with hair reduction?
I am a 30 calendar year old African American feminine who is anticipating. I at present commence to expertise a severe itchy scalp with some hair loss (hair shedding). This all occured about two months back. I have however talk to my physician due to the fact I have been trying to treat it with a merchandise named Sulfur eight ( shampoo and hair conditioner). I nevertheless have not found a relief as of yet.

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Answer by Brittany
black men and women have to have oils in their hair to stop it from breaking and itching. and seemingly, you aren’t giving your hair adequate oil. washing it will not assist since it will just make it dryer. you must wash your hair when a week. and therapeutic massage your scalp everyday with hair grease. go to a local hair keep and discover some.

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  1. I have read about a number of different home remedies such as using lemon juice or egg whites massaged into the scalp to stop hair loss and itchiness. I think both might work in your case. Also, since you are expecting, you are probably under a lot of stress (as my wife was when she was expecting and had a similar problem.)

    If this doesn’t seem to correct the problem, it may be a bigger issue. I did a quick search and found this website:

    Let’s hope that it doesn’t get to that point though. Best of luck!

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